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December 18, 2006

Steve Spurrier Offers Advice to Tommy Bowden

I believe it was the great philosopher Hank Hill that said it best, "Don't go teasing the gorilla in the monkey house, son." To that end, Tommy Bowden has opened pandoras box of smack talk with Spurrier, and he's already losing. Per the AP:
South Carolina's Steve Spurrier has some advice for his colleague at Clemson - if Tigers coach Tommy Bowden wants a raise, talk to his bosses like Spurrier did.

Spurrier was given a contract extension and a nearly $500,000 a year raise earlier this month after finishing 7-5 and going to the Liberty Bowl to play Houston.

Bowden quipped days later that "it's amazing how this thing works because I'm at a place where seven [wins] gets you fired. He's at a place where seven gets you a raise."

Spurrier responded, "If Tommy Bowden wants a raise, he can just ask his AD and president if he's as good a coach as Mark Richt, and me, and Fulmer and Tuberville and those other guys. That's the only reason I got a raise. They think I'm that good a coach."

Spurrier's increase brought his total package from $1.257 million to $1.75 million on a deal that will run through the 2012 season. Bowden, whose Tigers went 8-4 and are headed to the Music City Bowl, has four years left on a pact that pays him about $1.2 million.

"If [Bowden] wants a raise, he ought to go and say, 'Am I as good a coach as all them guys?'" Spurrier said. "And they'll probably say, 'Why sure you are.' 'Well, why don't you pay me like that?' And they'll probably pay him like that. Or else they'll say ... it could be the other answer, right?"

Spurrier chuckled and smiled at times as he answered questions about Bowden's remarks.

He says he doesn't worry about other coach's salaries. "They're printed in the paper. Everybody knows what everybody makes. Your bosses pay you whatever you think your value is," Spurrier said. "You guys ought to tell him he needs to go talk to his bosses, see what they think about him."
Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice work Steve.



Mr. Egger said...

love him, hate him, there is no coach better with a microphone in front of him, unless it's Bobby Knight.

C. Paul said...

"Don't mess with the bull,'ll get the horns"

In other words, who the hell invited Tammy to the big kids table?

Lastly, don't mind him adding CMR's name in the list of coaching giants....

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the SOB, but he's right!
Tommy ain't his daddy that's for sure and he doesn't deserve a raise - he hasn't EARNED it! He's been ther for like 9 years and still hasn't gotten them to the ACC Championship game - much less won it.
Why Clemson puts up with his mediocrity is beyond me...

Dawgnoxious said...

If Ric Flair could coach football, he'd give interviews like Steve Spurrier. How big a boy are you, Tommy Bowden? Not so big.

Anonymous said...

Not really defending Bowden...

BUT: There has only been an ACC Championship game for Two? Seasons.

He hasn't won't an ACCC. But, that wasn't the comment...

Anonymous said...

SOS hates the Bowdens. Thinks Bobby is a dirty recruiter and coach. Also p.o.'s Steve that FSU got in the way of a couple MNCs when he was at Florida.

Truth is, SOS hasn't done much at SC, and Bowden hasn't done much at CU. We're a long way fromt the glory days of the 90's. SOS has gone from shooting barbs at UT and FSU to cackling about how he is paid more than the coach at Clemson. Minor league feud.

Anonymous said...

If you mess with the bull you can consider yourself lucky if the horns are all you get!

Joe said...

Anybody else remember a time that Spurrier's smack talk was directed at somebody that mattered? This is how far his career has fallen in his later years: he's smack talking a lesser Bowden.

Anonymous said...

Tommy needs to worry about the fact that he was outcoached in four of his last five games. If you have a much more talented team than your opponent and you still loose, what would you call it? Focus on the coaching, take some chances, the money will follow.

Anonymous said...

Yeah all that money they are paying Steve really paid off this year. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Tommy is 2-1 vs spurrier. add a home win this year and he'll be 3-1vs. spurrier.

Trust me, when they meet on the sidelines, neither of them is thinking about $$$. Tommy's thinking about his Win and SOS is wondering why he, like the GREATS before him at USC, just can't seem to beat the Tigers.

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