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December 26, 2006

You've Been Croomed

Croom at practice. Image:

No idea how I missed this, but there's a new term on these here Internets.
"Croomed" (v.) - To lose your job as a head football coach upon being defeated by Mississippi State's Sylvester Croom.
Rusty Hampton of the Clarion Ledger appears to have coined the term in November. The fellas at Hail Dear 'Ole State turned me on to it. Sly Croom has recorded 9 wins over the past three seasons at MSU. Per Hail State, here is how his opponents have faired:
    Coaches Croomed
    Florida - Ron Zook
    Murray State - Joe Pannunzio
    Alabama - Mike Shula
    Tulane (2 times) - Chris Scelfo (a year later)
    UAB - Watson Brown

    Night of living croomed
    UK - Rich Brooks
    OM - Ed Orgeron
    Jacksonville State - Jack Crowe (Div I-AA)



travis said...

Paul, actually some message board posters coined the term "croomed." First it meant to steal a paycheck, by being paid for a job you're not performing - Croom took the job Dec 3, 2003, but continued to coach for the Packers thru the playoffs. Then the term morphed into it's current form. Hampton picked up on it and legitimized it. The urban dictionary entry comes from me.

Anonymous said...

Travis nailed it on the head -- the phrase "Croomed" first appeared on

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