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January 26, 2007

ACC Releases 2007 Composite Football Schedule

The ACC's football schedule for next year has been released. Obviously, that means Georgia Tech's schedule for 2007 is also out.

The ACC's schedule brings good news for Georgia Bulldog fans who are hoping for a night game vs. Oklahoma State to open the season. The ACC's schedule shows no overly compelling games that will be televised on ESPN, ESPN2 or ABC for Sept. 1; therefore, ESPN and ESPN2 still have inventory for the season opener at night.

ACC Schedule for Sept. 1:
    Wake Forest at Boston College
    Connecticut at Duke
    Georgia Tech at Notre Dame (NBC)
    Villanova at Maryland
    Marshall at Miami
    James Madison at North Carolina
    Central Florida at NC State
    Virginia at Wyoming
    East Carolina at Virginia Tech
The only quality games on Sept. 1st appear to be Tennessee at Cal (televised as part of the Pac-10's contract), GT at ND (televised as part of the NBC/ND deal) and UGA vs. Oklahoma State. Most of the big name schools are playing cupcakes, directional schools and fictitious state universities that weekend. A kickoff in Athens vs. the Cowboys continues to look like a 6:00-8:00 start time. CBS doesn't televised the SEC on opening weekend due to US Open tennis coverage.

GT's Schedule for 2007:
    Sep. 1 at Notre Dame (NBC)
    Sep. 8 SAMFORD
    Sep. 22 at Virginia
    Sep. 29 CLEMSON
    Oct. 6 at Maryland
    Oct. 13 at Miami
    Oct. 20 ARMY (Bobby Ross returns to BDS)
    Nov. 1 VIRGINIA TECH (Thursday, ESPN)
    Nov. 10 at Duke
    Nov. 24 GEORGIA
    *Home Games in All Caps
I'll post some thoughts on Georgia Tech's schedule at a later time.



blackertai said...

We're shooting for 'one for the index'. Just think, if we actually go a decade without losing to GT, we'll end it at home. That'll be sweet. Stomping the jackets at home for the 10th consecutive win.

On another subject, has anyone looked into Georgia being able to schedule Florida State at any point in the future? I know they're down now, but I really think that'd be an interesting game we could pull off, and would help our profile. Just came to me while looking at the ACC schedule.

dawgwillbite said...

Sep. 1 at Notre Dame....W(ND is going to really suck this year)
Sep. 8 SAMFORD....W
Sep. 22 at Virginia.....L
Sep. 29 CLEMSON.......L
Oct. 6 at Maryland.....W
Oct. 13 at Miami.......L
Oct. 20 ARMY.....W
Nov. 10 at Duke....W
Nov. 24 GEORGIA....L

Thats 6-6. GT will still be outstanding on defense this year. On offense, that will be a different story. No Calvin and They'll either start a true FR QB or a QB that Reggie Ball beat out. Should we forfeit now??

Paul Westerdawg said...

we have already won 6 in a row over GT. We're shooting for "one for the bird."

As for FSU...the rumor is that we won't schedule another regional occ team other than clemson for a long, long, long time.

And CMR has said he won't play FSU as long as bowden is there except in a bowl.

Anonymous said...

Not that I care, but why is Alabama-FSU in Jacksonville?

Paul Westerdawg said...

Bowden wanted to play Bama before he retires. They agreed to a one time neutral site game.

That's where they picked.

Bama is considering doing a series of neutral site games like the old Notre Dame "barn storming" routine.

Anonymous said...

Good call.

Doug said...

I wouldn't count on Virginia and Miami as losses for the Techies -- UVA and UM just had horrific seasons and are still going to be in recovery mode heading into next year (even though GT's record in Charlottesville and Coral Gables is less than spectacular). But I wouldn't give them an automatic W against Maryland, either -- not against the Fridge, in College Park.

So that's 7-5, and with Gailey's contractually obligated 5 losses already on the books, they might even win their bowl game.

Hobnail_Boot said...

The question of the '07 Jackets is thus:

Does the positive loss of Game Ball outweigh the negative loss of Humanity Advanced? It's a coinflip if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like we'll have to but Samford and Army to get the Georgia ticket in the "mini-packs".

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