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January 23, 2007

Bruce Pearl goes Topless for Women's Basketball

Dawgnoxious called me last night with one of those, "You ain't gonna believe what's on ESPN right now" moments. Apparently, Bruce Pearl went topless for last night's Tennessee vs. Duke women's basketball game. He painted his chest orange with a big "V" on it as part of a student section group that spelled "Go Vols." Give the guy his props...he knows how to win over the Vol Nation. Pics below. Click to enlarge any of them.

Hat tip to VolsMcFall for the pics. See also:PWD


Dawgnoxious said...

Two thoughts: That damn orange blazer of his is so hideous, I still think I prefer the body paint.

Every men's coach in the country is pissed at Pearl for setting the bar so high for supporting the women's program. Some AD somewhere to men's coach: "Oh sure you come to the games, but you don't even take your shirt off".

MaconDawg said...

I'm so glad Rick Majerus never had that much school spirit. I'm glad Fulmer isn't as strong a supporter of womens athletics.

Also, the fark opportunities are endless here. Coach K's shouting face on a Cameron Crazy's body, for example.

BobcatDog said...

LOL! I just had visions of our entire football coaching staff showing up shirtless to a basketball game during a big recruiting weekend to show their spirit! This is actually quite original even if it was a Vol who did it.

Doug said...

He's like the Orgeron of college basketball, only when he's funny it's on purpose.

S.A.W.B. said...

I hate to give any sort of props to the Big Orange Nation, but this guy is really buying in to the whole thing. First the blaze orange blazer that everyone hates, but gets him and his program noticed, and now this.

Perhaps we can convince the UGA GymDawgs to pull a similar stunt soon...without paint...

JG said...

I hate the Vols, but I am the only one that thinks this is awesome?

Paul, Im borrowing this for the huddle...

Anonymous said...

lets all hope Pat Summit doesn't return the favor

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