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January 11, 2007

Georgia Plucks the Gamecocks in Hoops


The Dawgs got a much needed SEC win and broke a four game losing streak vs the Gamecocks with an 80-56 win. Georgia out rebounded, out shot and out played the Gamecocks. This was exactly what the doctor ordered. We get Vandy at 4:00 on Saturday in Athens. Per the AJC:
Everything they were doing wrong during the losing streak they did well against the Gamecocks.

• Averaging 20 turnovers during the previous four games, they had only 10 Wednesday.

• In a team shooting slump from 3-point range, they made 10 of 25, including 7 of 14 in the first half.

• After going 3-for-14 against No. 2 Florida on Saturday, Mercer was 7-for-14 against the 'Cocks.

• Bothered with a sprained ankle the past three weeks, point guard Sundiata Gaines played only 18 minutes and scored 12 points in that span.
Go dawgs.



stick jackson said...

This was a game we would have won (or lost) 47-44 in either of the past two years. That we can hang with UF and WI, two top 5 teams, and then blow out an SEC mediocrity shows that we are making progress.

C. Paul said...

Absolutely HUGE for us. Felton has been selling the team that the brutal non-conference would help us when we got into the "winnable" conference games and they showed it last night.

Vandy this weekend is another big test as they just came off a nice W against Tenne$$ee and are in a similar position to us.

LD said...

Way early, but I liked that's "Nitty Gritty RPI" has us listed among teams "on the bubble". It's good to be on the radar now. 8-8 in the conference might be good enough if you have some reputational support in the media.

Doug said...

Still, you can't ignore what a huge moral victory this was for the Gamecocks.

I don't know how, just figured some USC fan was going to say so sooner or later.

C. Paul said...

You are right Doug, they are a program on the rise......

There's nothing like a victory against a Conference USA foe like Houston to boost the spirits.....

Anonymous said...

YAWN! Is it signing day yet?

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