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January 6, 2007

Of Possums, PacMan and Camera Phones

Image: Deadspin

Two of the weirdest stories I've seen in a while come to us from DeadSpin. First, NFL defensive back PacMan Jones and country music legend George "The Possum" Jones have become "good friends" in the wake of an ATV incident involving the two Nashville area neighbors.

Frankly, Pac-Man isn't man enough and doesn't have nearly the street cred to roll with one of the wildest men to ever walk the planet. No Show Jones once got so high that he had a fist fight with himself in order to kill his "other" personality...Dee-Doodle the Duck. He also famously rode a lawnmower to the liquor store and was once describe by the Austin Chronicle as:
"a locomotive bound for hell, fueled by bourbon and riding endless twin rails of cocaine to a terminal somewhere way, way down the line."
In other words, the Tennessee Titans resident bad boy is way, way out of his league hanging with George Jones.

Separately, we learn why Sean Salisbury, one of the most grating and condescending tools on ESPN, was suspended for several weeks. At the risk of a libel suit, I'm just going to link to this one. All I'll tell you is it allegedly involves female co-workers, his junk and a camera phone.

So there's that.



Anonymous said...

Salisbury is the biggest tool anywhere, except for maybe Tim McCarver, and I have to wonder wth Mr. Reynolds did to get canned while Sean gets a suspension. Reynolds seemed to know what he was talking about and was a godsend top those of us who are baseball fans.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Maybe he refused to look at Salisbury's weenie.

Anonymous said...

Legend has it, Jones is still "banned for life" from playing shows in Spartanburg, SC because he was....get ready for this....parking cars in the nude outside Sptbg. Memorial Auditorium an hour before the concert back in the mid-1970s. I've never seen actual verification of this story, but I'd very much like to believe it's true. Why try and disprove something as funny as that?

- Spartanburg Dawg

Anonymous said...

Pac Man Jones can't hang out with George Jones. Jake Scott, on the other hand, can hang out with George Jones all he wants.

Doug said...

Oh, come on. Like you've never taken a camera-phone photo of your meat & two veg and showed it to your co-workers. Hell, I made mine the screen saver on my iMac.

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