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January 5, 2007

Rumor: Gailey to the Dolphins?

Now this is certainly interesting. Nathan Fowler of GT's AOL Fanhouse says that rumors are flying that Georgia Tech's Chan Gailey may interview for the Dolphins job. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel weighs in on the rumor.

UPDATE: Tech's Athletic Director confirms that the Dolphins have asked for and received permission to speak with Gailey about the position (source: AJC)

Nathan lists Ken Whisenhunt among his dream candidates. GT would need to get in line. Today, Bill Cowher resigned as head coach of the Steelers. And everyone on the planet thinks the Steelers will offer the head coaching job to Russ Grimm or Whisenhunt, the Steelers current offensive coordinator.

Whisenhunt, a GT alumnus, is also a top candidate with the Falcons, Dolphins and every other NFL team with a job opening.

Nathan also lists Jimbo Fisher as a top candidate / someone of interest for the Yellow Jackets. Suddenly, Fisher is the prettiest girl in school. UAB wanted to make him head coach. Les Miles, Nick Saban and Bobby Bowden are competing to have him run their offenses, and now Tech might call him? It's nice to be loved.

Personally, I'm hoping Whisenhunt gets locked up by the Steelers. Then I'm hoping Gailey stays on North Avenue while Tenuta leaves to be someone else's defensive coordinator. That's pretty much the best case scenario for UGA.



C. Paul said...

This is starting to become very annoying. First, Bama trades Mike Shula for Nick Saban (that's like Ugly Betty for Angelina Jolie) and we've got to play him in his first big game at home.

Now, Tech might upgrade from CCG to someone like Whisenhunt (who I played softball against in the mid-90's at Blackburn Park) or possibly Jimbo Fisher (who would be better).

Who knew back in November - when we were sitting 6-4 going to AU that the off-season would be crazy for everyone BUT us. GO DAWGS!!

MaconDawg said...

I don't think it happens.There are really too many qualified coordinator types out there, and Gailey doesn't even seem to be one of the top 20 college coaches. I think it's just another case of the NFL's cronyisn at work. Every retread and retard who's ever coached in the league gets an interview. Gailey used to coach in Miami, so I think it's probably a professional courtesy, fortunately for us. And PWD, I don't know where you went to school, but the prettiest girl at my alma mater was never named Jimbo.

Paul Westerdawg said...


He would be the prettiest girl at Tech.

That's what I meant.


dawg05 said...

Correction, best case scenario for UGA is Gailey leaves town with Tenuta in tow, and Tech hires Mike Shula.

Dan said...

There is a part of me giddy with anticipation over the possibility (though very low probability) of this happening.

The other part would be concerned about holding onto recruits.

Jake said...

C Paul, fortunately Bama has a home game vs. Arkansas the week before us. That's pretty big. After McFadden and Jones run all over them, we'll sweep the leg the following week.

C. Paul said...

Jake- I didn't know about Arky the week before us. Thanks for the info.

Go Dawgs!!

JasonC said...

I don't know if anyone else got the same add, but when I clicked on the link to the Sun-Sentinel article, the ad-banner at the top was for "Macy's One Day Sale". It was interesting to see Saban's photo under that.

Jeff said...

I disagree with Dan, in that no part of me is giddy about the possibility of losing Gailey.

After watching the cluster-f that teams needing coaches went through this post-season, I do NOT want to deal with that. And I blame a WHOLE lot of Gailey's problems on Reggie. (Yes, I know, a problem with any player is ultimately a prob with the coach.) If CCG can recruit for several seasons like he did this year, things should keep getting better for GT.

...Okay, I admit a small part of me was giddy at the thought of canning Chan.

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