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February 16, 2007

In Nerd News -- Tech's AD looking around?

LSU's athletic director and former legendary baseball coach, has announced that he will retire following next season. The news is relevant to UGA fans because he has endorsed Tech's athletic director Dan Radakovich as a potential successor.

In the wake of Dave Braine's mismanagement of the Georgia Tech program, Radakovich has been mostly a breath of fresh air. I'm sure he upset the apple cart with the recent news of Tech's financial woes, but those problems were all created by Braine.

It would be nice for Tech to lose a competent athletic director in favor of another bumbling goof like Braine. This is one to watch.

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Anonymous said...

"In Nerd News"

Thats why this site is so great.

Katie said...

Will you marry me?
I love your site & you make me laugh my ass off daily!
Go Dawgs! ;-)

Paul Westerdawg said...

Send pics.

I'll let you know.



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