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April 16, 2007

Must See TV: Drive on Fox (heading to Rome)

The race heads to Rome

Off topic, but endulge me. I just watched Fox TV's new show "Drive," and the show is dramatically better than its endless, barrage of previews. It's CannonBall Run meets Lost...only they're racing hoopty pickup trucks, a Ford Taurus, mini-vans, etc. And sadly Lonnie Anderson's breasts aren't in it.

The premise is pretty straight forward. An illegal, underground road race for $32 million. Only, most of the participants are playing against their will. Reviews have said it has elements of North by Northwest, Magnolia, The Game, Cannonball Run, Lost, and/or Mad Max. I don't agree with about half of those comparisons so far, but it's a helluva a solid lead into the Jack Bauer Power Hour on its regular time slot of Monday Nights.

Good stunt work, special effects and action. requires a massive suspension of disbelief, but it's entertaining enough to get that from me.

Give it a chance tomorrow at 8:00 pm EST. Monday nights with How I met Your Mother (CBS), Heroes (NBC), 24 (Fox) and Drive (Fox) are reasons #1-4 for why you need a dual-channel DVR/Tivo. Besides, they're headed to Rome, Georgia on Monday night's episode.

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DoubleDawg1989 said...

Loni Anderson's breasts? Did you even watch Cannonball Run? Farrah Fawcett was the romantic interest for Burt Reynolds, and on top of that, the most prominent breasts were by the two female racers in the Lamborghini, Adrienne Barbeau and some other blonde chick - I forget her name - but it definitely wasn't Loni Anderson. Boo, Mr. Westerdawg, boo.

all school said...

The blonde chick in the Lamborghini was the immortal Tara Buckman, by the way. I thought her portrayal of Jill Rivers, sidekick to Adrienne Barbeau's Marcie Thatcher in Cannonball Run, was marvelously understated. Although it was cruelly overlooked by Oscar, many patrons of fine film appreciated the gritty reality she brought to the role.

all school said...

Incidentally, Valerie Perrie played the cop who pulled the Lamborghini girls over, so maybe that is where PWD made the mistaken connection with Loni Anderson (although to me, the 70s era Valerie Perrine was MUCH hotter).

another bit of Cannonball Run trivia: not many people remember that a young Jackie Chan (as the Japanese team driver) was in the movie. He was already a big star in Asia, but wouldnt break though in America until the mid 90s with Rumble in the Bronx (which I watched in an AMC theater in Atlanta with about a 90% Asian audience.)

Anonymous said...

The show definitely ripped off the premise of Rat Race, but it was well done in my opinion

Dante said...

PWD is probably thinking of the far inferior Stroker Ace. And if you think Cannonball Run was a Rat Race ripoff then don't watch It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. It SOOOOOO ripped off Rat Race.

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