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May 3, 2007

Of Quarterbacks, NASCAR, Booze and Women

From comes these facebook photos of our fearless quarterback(s) living the college life. Good for them I say. From DeepSouthSports:
As most of us know, half the fun of the big game weekend is the tailgate. Being a key cog in the football action, most football players never get to experience the joys of pre-gaming. However, Georgia quarterbacks Matt Stafford and Joe Cox have found a new way to bridge that gap. It's called The Spring Race at Talladega.


At least he didn't drop the keg on her head...unlike his Gator counterparts have been known to do. Dear Mike Adams -- Let the record show...he was just getting stronger. Not actually drinking.

The ball busting will come from the "sleepy time" photos. Kudos to Erik for the spectacular Friends reference. Team bonding indeed. lol.

-- The Best Nap I've Ever Had --

Those aren't pillows.


You can complain all you want about me posting these, but I'm not the dumbass that put them on facebook and let them into the wild. And the entire thread will be on DeadSpin in an hour or so.


stick jackson said...

Another one for the "Sometimes These Intertubes Scare Me" file.

And there are times you do just get sleepy. And, you know, want to cuddle your, ah, back-up, as it were.

Jason said...

I love Stafford...but I'm hoping he was just power-lifting those kegs.

He starts drinking and he's gonna' look like Jared Lorenzen.

S.A.W.B. said...

or Jared from Subway...

Andrew said...

I hope Richt wears his ass out for this... not for being awesome, but for allowing someone to take pictures and put them on facebook.

Paul Westerdawg said...

yeah, Stafford got off easy with a life lesson related to being famous.

Famous Person Rule:
Never let anyone take your picture while in the middle of mischief.

$5 says a hot chick is behind the camera.

Hot chick in picture + hot chicken behind camera + beer = bad judgement and pics on cybertubes.

Bobo should teach a class on this. Based on his college days, he could help provide counsel here.


Anonymous said...

hot chicks galore and Stafford cuddles with cox(no pun intended)
this is just to damn funny. i am from Florida and all my idiot UF family members are already dogging me for this.
Go Dawgs

Nathan said...

Good to see the U.S.S Stafford is really putting in his time with the offseason conditioning program.

Seriously, isn't this what everyone wants to be the star QB for anyways? (minus the um ... spooning ... your backup part)

Paul Westerdawg said...

Everyone said he was a fatty last year, and he ran for around 100 yards vs. Auburn.

He's nowhere near as big as he was this time last year. So I ain't worried.

And yes Nathan...this is why we EVERYONE wants to be QBs. To hang with chicks too hot for us, drink beer and spoon with teammates.

Ok..scratch that last one.

Mr. Egger said...

Never let anyone take your picture while in the middle of mischief.

You call it a "famous person" rule. I'd say it should be an any person rule, at least any person with sense. Why would you want there to ever be proof that you did something you shouldn't? It's like videotaping a crime spree, famous or not, it's only a good idea if you're stupid.

blackertai said...

Don't lie, you'd have spooned with Max Jean-Giles any day of the week. When he wasn't gorilla-dogging people, I mean.

Nathan said...

I'd spoon Joe Hamilton any time he wants, no lie.

That being said, I still think the biggest issue here is that Stafford looks like his personal "battle of the bulge" is headed the wrong direction.

That, and the bandanna is just awful. awful.

Anonymous said...

Us NASCAR fans know that's pretty much how all Jeff Gordon fans celebrate.

Anonymous said...

You Tube

dixiehound said...

dude, that completely rocks! i only love the kid more now... reminds me of well, me in college......

GDawg said...

Hey Nathan, we don't care if he's approaching 3 bills as long as he continues to own you fairies. True frosh on one of the worst UGA teams in years still manages to own Spurrier, Tubs and Chantastic, even with no line or receivers. Alright, I take back part of the last one, the receivers actually played lights out on the plains...

Doug said...

If the girl in those pictures is Stafford's GF and she's servicing him regularly, then Staff could wrestle naked in a KY jelly pit with all three Clausen brothers and he'd still be The Man. That girl . . . is . . . ridiculous.

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