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May 30, 2007

Spurrier Says: Paul Westerdawg Knows All

Ok, that's not really what he said. But he did say that the UGA vs. South Carolina game will kickoff "in the twilight" on ESPN. Hell, old Westerdawg told you that back in January. So in a way, Spurrier is just giving me a virtual, subliminal shout out.

Thanks Steve.



lawdawg said...

NOT GOOD. Anyone remember how the last two night games in Athens went? 4th and 10 vs. Auburn, and 51-33 vs. UT. Please God just don't have those paratroopers too.

Andrew said...

Well lawdawg, do you remember the last time we played SC at home at night? It was 2002 and it was one of the most exciting games in recent memory... I believe we won on a late 4th quarter Billy Bennett field goal. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Dante said...

I thought Spurrier was referring to "the twilight" as in his career. Kind of like a "Well, I can make Duke a good team but South Carolina is just too much for me. I should hang it up soon." He was talking time of day? I guess that makes sense, too.

A said...

You are thinking of 2002 vs. Clemson. We played SC in Columbia in 2002 - the famous Pollack INT/fumble recovery in the endzone. We lost to SC in 2001 at home.

Toon Dawg said...

You are thinking of 2002 vs. Clemson. We played SC in Columbia in 2002 - the famous Pollack INT/fumble recovery in the endzone. We lost to SC in 2001 at home.

lawdawg said...

andrew, that was the 2002 clemson game you are thinking of, and that game was WAY too close. I love night games for the all day tailgate (three meals, square), and I am not saying we always lose them (e.g. 2003 Auburn), but the last two have left a bad taste in my mouth.

CitizenCrane said...

With the Exception of when Robert Edwards Ran all over South Carolina, the Cocks scare the hell out of me... Spurrier being there makes it worse.

This helps me with my anxiety

Sorry for blog spam

Paul Westerdawg said...

They've only beaten us 4 times since conference expansion in '92.

'93, 96, 00 and '01.

Their record against us post-expansion is worse than pre-expansion.

Andrew said...

I stand corrected!

JasonC said...

I usually don't care for a night game, but I do like that it is on ESPN2. Also, in Kyle's survey of the game that scares me most, I picked this one. Let's face it, we know Florida and Tenn are going to be tough and Bama, Auburn and OkSt are also probably going to be tough, but SC is early in the season and it's a SEC East game. If you lose it, winning the East means running the table against the big boys. Furthermore, even if we have beaten SC quite a bit, the games are usually closer than I would like. Nonetheless, I have faith the Dogs can win. Sic 'em!

Paul Westerdawg said...

I like that we're 13-2 all-time on ESPN2.

BTW -- if Spurrier can't win the SEC East this year....who knows if he ever will. He's got a helluva a team compared to his first 2 seasons.

Robert said...

Paul--all I gotta say is this is SC's road slate this season: At UGa, at LSU, at Ark, at Tenn. Three or four reasons right there.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Fair point Robert.

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