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June 22, 2007

Pictures of the Rambling Wreck post-crash

God bless the internets. Here are the pictures of the banged up Tech mascot car. WMAZ TV13 in Macon scored the photos. They also have video of the car. The bottom photo is the Expedition that was pulling the trailer with the car on it. The drivers of the Expedition were very lucky to not get hurt.

Gotta love the cyber tubes. (Ht - ToonDawg)



Doug said...

The irony in light of this story from today's AJC is positively hilarious:

Just don't expect any pictures until it's rebuilt. The Ramblin' Reck Club, a group of 20 Tech students that cares for the car, won't have that. They don't care for the idea of "rabid rivals" — to use a label found on Tech message boards — using the photos deviously.

"That would be a valid concern," said senior John Bird, who was elected to be the car's driver. "Anything that disrespects the Ramblin' Wreck would be against my job. It is my job to protect the physical car itself, and its traditions.

"We took a vote, and decided unanimously there wouldn't be pictures of it wrecked. We might have some photos of reconstruction, but not of it wrecked.

"It's the spirit of the vehicle. We don't want to tarnish that. It's a mystique we don't want to be lost."

Whoopsy! Thanks, WMAZ!

all school said...

"It's the spirit of the vehicle. We don't want to tarnish that. It's a mystique we don't want to be lost."

Yes, nothing screams "mystique" like a 1930 junk heap with about as much horsepower as a riding lawn mower.

When you think of it, the Wreck (or the new and improved Wrecked Wreck) is the PERFECT metaphor for GTU football.

The Wreck was cutting edge 1930. Likewise, GTU football was top of the line college 1930.

Today? Well, not so much. The Wreck's seen better days. So has GTU football. The Wreck is a quaint reminder of a simpler time; a time when a motorized vehicle with a 50 horsepower engine was a marvel, and a time when 150 pound running backs and 200 pound linemen ruled the world.

Guess what, pencil necks? Cokes arent going back to a nickel a bottle, and you aren't going back to the top of the collegiate football heap. Cherish your pitiful little jalopy and your increasingly distant (and less relevant) history. If you were to update your "signature vehicle mascot", you all would be pushing a 74 Chevy Vega hatchback onto the turf at the Joke.

GTU football: It's Channnnnnnnnnnntastic!!!! Good luck in the Emerald Nut Bowl next year.

Paul Westerdawg said...

The photos don't look that bad. Based on the shape of the Explorer, they're lucky the drivers got out safe AND lucky the Wreck wasn't totally obliterated.

Not letting people take the pics was just an exercise in institutional vanity. Especially since it's a given the photos would leak.

IBDawgfan82 said...

Two things...

1) WMAZ is now my new favorite TV Station.

2) As far as the horsepower of the "Wreck" goes, I agree with what 'all school' said. I have always wondered how that jalopy managed to carry all those cows Tech has for cheerleaders, without its spoked wheels rolling off. In light of the current cheerleaders they have, while they have the wreck in the body shop they may want to go ahead and put a Cummins Deisel in there and some heavy duty shocks.

Hmmm.... said...

So it's ok to post pictures of this when the driver asked them not to... but if UGA VI was hurt, no one would dare show that on TV. Ahhh.. double standards never seem to amaze me anymore.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for more damage.

S.A.W.B. said...

Hey hmmmmm...

I don't suppose you were one of those classy GTUers that was wearing a '5 Down, 6 To Go' button the year Uga V died?

Blow it out your ass, pencil neck. The smart thing for the GTUers to have done would have been to have taken some shots immediately, and immediately released them to the press, so as to garner more sympathy for the driver/passenger, as well as the 'institution'. But, I guess they couldn't engineer such a reasonable solution.

IBDawgfan82 said... are you actually equating the "Ramblin Wreck" to a living, breathing creature? Beloved icon of your school or not, it is still an inanimate object. Uga, on the other hand, is a dog with an individual personality. The two situations are altogether different. If Tech had an animal mascot, I wouldn't laugh about it dying or being hurt. That's bad form, like many of your Tek Brethren displayed when Uga V died. The jalopy being wrecked, however, is high comedy.

IBDawgfan82 said...

Oh yeah, Paul, can we get some bigger versions of the pictures with good resolution? These pictures simply must go in my Vent sig.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Dear Nerd,

First off, UGA VI is a live animal. You have a car for a mascot. So there's no reason to show compassion to a thing vs. a living creature.

Secondly, the entire Uga Family is hurt all the time. Eye surgery, knee surgery, bad backs, etc.

But they play through the pain.

They aren't whiny bitches that freak out over a few cosmetic scratches and dings.

S.A.W.B. said...

By the way, for more comedy (old) gold, check the hive thread from earlier in the week - here

on about page 4, it becomes an internet pissing contest the likes of which, only GTU fans could accomplish. Infighting on the intertubes, for the win.

Dante said...

"If Tech had an animal mascot, I wouldn't laugh about it dying or being hurt."

I have to admit that if Georgia Tech actually had a live yellow jacket it kept as a mascot and its death was seen as a tragedy to Tech fans, I would find it quite amusing.

hmmm.... said...

(ps, I don't go to GT, just live in ATL)

I'm well aware of the fact that Uga is living/breathing. Just stoking the fire a bit.

At least with Uga, there is a lineage and as long as he procreates, there are plenty more.

Tech needs to think about what happens when the worlds supply of 1930's Model A's run out

all school said...

actually, what UGA fans should be laughing about in connection with the Wrecked Wreck are several points which tend to disprove the GTU Myth of Personal Superiority.

First of all, let me add that I, like virtually all UGA fans, are relieved that neither of the callow young nerds piloting the Explorer were injured. Rivalries aside, we dont want any of you fragile nerds to get hurt.

Now, back to the deconstruction.

If you pencil necks are so smart, as you constantly tell us you are, how'd you manage to break your little jalopy without having insurance on it? Are none of you Titans Of Industry smart enough to read an insurance policy?

Second of all, for a bunch of engineers, seems like someone would have figured out the inherent dangers of high speed plus unstable load plus vehicles with a high road clearance and relatively narrow wheelbase. I'm sure there's a math equation someplace that explains the downside of whipping an Explorer pulling a trailer around like a Formula One racer.

Finally, the histrionic reaction to the dents on your riding lawn mower, errrr, "classic junk heap" by the entire Mustard Nation shows once again that most of you have the fighting hearts of paramecium, the ingenunity of fence posts, and the sexual organs of Girl Scouts. Man up, nerds. Your boys got a little wobbly, the jalopy got dented. No pictures of the Wrecked Wreck? It would tarnish the mystique of the Wreck?

No, what tarnishes the GTU Mystique (now there is an oxymoron for you) is that once again, you all have raised your skirts and skittered around like a bunch of debutantes with the vapors after someone spotted a mouse.

Fix your little car. We dont care one way or the other. We're just enjoying your continuing, and ironic show of ineptitude, and we're counting the days until we put the next installment on your asses of the UGA Beatdown Plan.

Dan said...

I always find it interesting how much energy all school puts into his put down posts for the school he professes to care so little about.

We're all here for you if you want to admit, just a little bit, that you get into the rivalry from your side as well.

And what's with all the pencil neck references lately? All it does is make me imagine you typing away furiously at your keyboards while wearing a red sequined jacket and waving a cane around. Don't get me wrong, I love the work of Mr. Blassie as much as the next guy, but let's bring the smack into the 21st century and at least make some World of Warcraft jokes or something.

dsoule said...

Actually when all school gets rolling on his post i picture him as Vince Vaugn sitting at a computer with a mouth full of pancakes just smacking away at the keys. I have a hunch he wrote that whole thing without taking a single breath of air.

all school said...

Dan, Dan, Dan....

I dont do this because I'm obsessed with you. I do it because it's effortless, never ending fun.

you'd actually be amazed how little energy I put into these things. It's a gift, really. They just kind of write themselves, if you want to know the truth. I doubt I spent two minutes on any post on this thread. Now, I know two minutes is a lifetime to most Tech boys, and an impenetrable time barrier for many of you in certain endeavors, but for me? Bah. Easy as falling off a trailer.

What really cracks me up is that none of you Techsters really seem irate about my views, yet in response, the best you can do is something that is the functional equivalent of: Oh yeah? Stunning comeback. I'm just in shreds about it.

as for dsoule, I appreciate the Vince Vaughn comparison. He's a lot taller (and a lot richer) than me, but he's cool. And while I'm not eating pancakes, I was breathing at a fairly relaxed rate during my earlier posts. On this one, I decided to hold my breath just to show off.

party on, dudes.

GoDawgs said...

Who is GTU?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long until a tech student exhumes the graves of the dead dog mascots and then posts video/images of the remains? That would be great fun.

Toon Dawg said...

Actually Hmmm... there were pictures of Uga IV in a cast when he injured himself in the mid 80s and his cousin "Otto" took over for a few games - including the 1986 win vs. Auburn I believe.

Maybe Tech could send the Wreck to the show PIMP MY RIDE to see what they come up with. :-D

Dan said...

"What really cracks me up is that none of you Techsters really seem irate about my views, yet in response, the best you can do is something that is the functional equivalent of: Oh yeah? Stunning comeback. I'm just in shreds about it."

Why would I be irate? I have as much actual emotional investments in your views as I'm sure you have in mine . . . next to none. In truth I kind of wish you blogged, because you're a good writer and I find angry, or at least seemingly angry, diatribes funny.

As for the topic, I thought the whole thig was overblown and mishandled from the beginning. It's just a car and thus can be repaired. I'm actually glad the pictures made it out, because I was curious to see how bad the damage really was and knew that the world didn't produce nearly enough little fat dutch boys to stem the eventual leak of that information.

If anyone is expecting me to defend The Hive and their actions, well that one isn't happening either. A messageboard had members overreact to a minor snafu? Somebody should probably get CNN on the phone. That happens everywhere as I'm sure I could spend 5 minutes on any UGA, Vandy, PSU, Sister Mary's School for the Blind board and find.

In the end the whole situation is just another blip on the summer radar of keeping things interesting, if I had to pick between destroying every Wreck we had and another Reuban Houston incidence as our off season trouble then it would be pretty easy.

all school said...

Dan, I have no doubt that you are a stalwart fellow, and (save for your allegience to GTU) a fine human being.

I dont think you're angry, nor do I want to make you (or others of your football persuasion) angry. I'm not angry. It's just my nature to be a smart ass. 99% of what I write is primarily meant to amuse me; I appreciate if anyone else finds it amusing, and I shrug it off if anyone else doesnt find it amusing.

If you took any of the preceeding silliness as a personal shot, I humbly apologize. In the big game of life beyond football, this is a relatively minor thing, after all.

that said, the totemic worship of what is essentially a Snapper riding mover with an unfortunate paint job does, in fact, crack me up. To each their own, I guess. I'm glad no one was hurt in the incident. I'm glad we were able to poke a little fun at the Mustard Nation's discomfort. And, I'm glad Al Gore invented the internet, because otherwise I'd be limited to amusing (or annoying) a handful of my close personal friends instead of all of you out there in digital observer land.

yours for safer driving,

all school

Anonymous said...

While we're debating what is and is not "classy"...

Are those SEC championship rings still for sale on eBay?

all school said...

Dear Anon 2:47 pm:

I guess GTU players ARE smarter. Instead of selling their championship rings on Ebay for relative nickels and dimes, they should have gone into the wholesale recreational marijuana sales business like your fine example of Total Personhood, Reuben Houston. I bet he planned on scoring big, it's not like he had a GTU championship ring to sell, is it?

(see, Dan? Like I said: a few seconds at the keyboard, and this stuff writes itself. In this case, it's like being a HS senior picking on a 6th grader, but he invited himself to the party.)

S.A.W.B. said...

Hey, Anon2:47, Lemme know where I can find an ACC Championship Participant ring/shirt/hat combo, will ya?

U-sic-GT said...

I believe WAKE FOREST has all of the rings at the momment... WAKE FOREST.. hahahah. And to exhume the graves of the Ugas you would have to get past security at Sanford stadium and dig into an inzone... That would be very classy for the nerd herd.

Dan said...

"If you took any of the preceeding silliness as a personal shot, I humbly apologize. In the big game of life beyond football, this is a relatively minor thing, after all."

No need to apologize I get more angry at my fellow Tech fans for some of the stuff said on the Hive then about anything I've ever read on the better UGA blogs.

Like you said it was Friday and a little verbal, or interweb verbal, sparring helped to pass the time.

As for Reuban Houston, I'm sticking with my theory that all of that weed was solely designated for Calvin Johnson and his Herculean appetites.

all school said...


If you call 1-888-TECH-TIX, not only will they throw in a a complimentary "2006 ACC Championship Game Participant ring/shirt/hat combo for each 3 pack ticket you buy, they'll ALSO throw in coupons for a free hot dog, a Coke, a parking pass, 3 free nights at the GTU timeshare condo in Panama City, an autographed picture of Reggie Ball, a personal audience with Chan Gailey, a copy of the GTU playbook (Sample offensive series plan: 1. TB off right tackle; 2. TB off left tackle; 3. Play fake and heave downfield to Tra Battle, errr, Calvin Johnson, errr, James Johnson, errr, anyone named Johnson.

The first 100 callers will recieve, free of charge, actual uniform items formerly belonging to Thaddeus Young and/or Javaris Crittendon. Supplies are limited, so call now.

all school said...

Ooops. I forgot about 4th down. In the sample offensive game plan, add "4. Punt."

In that respect, I'm just like Reggie Ball, dog.

Joel said...

You forgot about the sneaky 4th down/throw the ball out of bounds play. The opposition never sees that one coming

Paul Westerdawg said...

Tech players have sold their...wait for it...Peach Bowl Runner Up rings on eBay.

That's right. Tech made rings for their loss to LSU in the Peach Bowl.

Like All School said. This stuff writes itself.

Anonymous said...

Anyone think that he didn't want pictures because it was mentally traumatic to be in such a horrendous accident? Also, the driver of the wrecked truck is a HUMAN BEING. uga is a dog. Let's get serious here and just be happy a HUMAN BEING wasn't injured. Dogs and cars die or break down all the time. The fact that there was no loss of human life is amazing.

Anonymous said...

While I am certainly happy that noone was injured, you have to appreciate the irony of a GTU nerd student who is so smart he can pass Calculus, but can't pull a trailer with a car on it without wrecking. All I hear is how much smarter GTU students are.

Anonymous said...

It's in the junkyard where it belongs!

Anonymous said...

I really hope that you did not actually go to uga if you write "noone."

Anonymous said...

by the way, do any georgia fans actually remember the UGA GT game last year? the one that we barely won due to the impressive play of the offense and defense and the horrible play of our MVP, dear old reggie? i don't think that its prudent to talk to much trash now, this early in the year. Georgia Tech is bringing back a lot of talented players and Georgia has considerable questions with the offensive line and the linebackers (especially is people keep getting arrested by our friendly ACC police). I know UGA is bringing in some studs, but it is still very difficult to just jump into division one play as a freshman or even as a juco transfer. We have never seen Reshad Jones or Ward or even the Akeems play in a real game. and please don't mention the spring game, or should i say the jason johnson bowl.

blackertai said...

We don't have to at this point. For the better part of a decade we've beaten the Nats, and at this point it's almost assumed that we will. Taylor "Rides-The-Bench-Behind-Reggie-Ball" Bennett aside, what else from Tech is scary? Their O/D-Lines? Good God! At this point, I'm more worried about the Kentucky/Vanderbilt game than the GaTech games.

GDawg said...

Anon 12:40 am, please never attempt to impersonate a UGA fan ever again... you're not even close, "dawg."

Paul Westerdawg said...

LMAO at the Anon fretting GT.

Dude - that's the worst impersonation of a UGA fan that I've ever seen.

We've beaten Tech 13 of the past 16 times we've played them.The only time they did beat us during that Stretch involved them playing with 7 academically ineligible players. INCLUDING their 2nd best player all-time: Joe Hamilton.

Furthermore, Tech hasn't beaten Georgia without Ralph Friedgen calling the plays since 1985.

I'll continue to talk my smack. Thank you very much.

Dawg 05 said...

Didn't a Georgia true freshman make the game winning pass in the final minutes to beat GTU in 2006? You can't blame that one on Reggie...

Anonymous said...

just for clarification.....its not GTU.....its not a university but an institution, so it is just GT.

all school said...

Dear Anon 9:42 pm:

It's not GTU? You better talk to Stephon Marbury. HE called it GTU; who are YOU to dispute one of the greatest student athletes ever to stroll the GTU campus for almost a quarter and a half?

Also, I heard Joe "Webster" Hamilton identify the location of said school as being in "the state of Atlanta." So, you better RE-COG-NIIIIIIIZE.

No word on whether Webster or Stephon knows what county New Mexico is in, but what the hell. They were engineers, not geography majors.

PS to PWD: this is probably the largest number of comments you've ever had on a topic. You'd think you had run an item with pictures about Lindsay Lohan climbing out of a car without underpants or something. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

just to get this strait:
its horrible for gt fans to joke about the death of a mascot dog, and its horrible to talk about the possible passing of larry, but its ridiculous to have college gameday at vt in honor of the 32 that were killed?!

sounds like someone's moral compass is a little off...

Anonymous said...

Wow. An "Oh Shit!" moment, if there ever was one.

Buzz said...

FYI, it is not GTU (Georgia Tech University). Georgia Tech is one of the few schools that is not a college or university.

Chuck said...

Buzz, it's a subtle dig at Tech. We are well aware that it's not GTU and that it's a pet peeve of Tech fans. Much like you calling UGA UGAg or UGaY or whatever.

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