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June 28, 2007

Video Game Recreation: 1980 Georgia vs. Florida (with Munson)

"ReallyBoredUGAfan" created this and uploaded it to YouTube. It's a complete recreation of the 1980 Georgia vs. Florida "Run Lindsay!" play that won the world for Georgia. Munson's call of the action is included.

I can't imagine the time that went into this. The guy who put this together is a gentleman and a scholar.

The e-webs continue to amaze. (Ht - UGAMummra)



Robert said...

reallyboredugafan indeed.

Victor said...

This is great. People should continue to do this for other magical UGA plays... say Greene to Johnson at Auburn '02

MissinGeorgiaBad said...

loving the mullett that CVD is sporting in the video clip!!

Anonymous said...


Ludakit said...

Not sure if it's done by the same guy (i would assume it is), but i saw one of Herschel running over some UT people complete with munson audio. It's on Youtube as well.

Paul Westerdawg said...

kit - he has done 3 so far. I'll post the others tomorrow.

Ted said...


GDawg said...

+1 for the proper names and jersey numbers as well.

Anonymous said...

That was unbeliebable.

God bless that man.

As someone who has been playing video football games since Tecmo Bowl and NES Play Action Football, I can't imagine how long that to to re-construct and get just right.

Whoever made this should be an honorary team captain for the Oklahoma State game.

That man is a true Dawg.

Anonymous said...

(i'm anon from previous post)


I'd like to see a recreation of the Verron Haynes "Hands of God" play in Knoxville. I know that less was on the line, but that play trumped the Michael Johnson play at Auburn, if you asked me.

We'd been tormented by Tennessee for so long and we haven't looked back since. We've owned Rocky Top ever since that glorious afternoon.

Paul Westerdawg said...

+ 1 anon for the team captain line.

As for Hobnail request...I get the feeling you'll be happy soon. BUT that wasn't the moment that the Vols stopped owning us. That started the year before in Athens.

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to name my next child reallyboredugafan.

Anonymous said...

That's nice and all but kind of sad that so many dawgs remain hung up on the glory of 1980. Not that it isn't something of which we should be proud, but sad that it's been 27 years since our last NC. Sad that we don't have more recent, repeated thumpings of Florida to get excited about.

Oh yeah, Lindsey caught the ball in the air in real life. Also, no dawg fan in red pants goes bounding into the endzone on this. That's the best part of the real highlight reel. Great work otherwise!

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