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July 24, 2007

Shockley's Big Break?

Image: Jim Hipple

Unless you woke in a ditch this morning, you know that Mike Vick has been ordered by the NFL not to report to the Falcons camp. You may also know that the State of Virginia will likely join the Federal Government in their pursuit of Vick. Even as Surry County backs off. You may not know that the State of New Jersey is also considering investigating Vick for dog related offenses.

So here sits DJ Shockley. Suddenly, the #2 quarterback. Here's the latest on DJ's chances...
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Dante said...

With Joey Harrington currently listed as the starter, I have to think that Shockley will get some decent playing time this year and maybe even a few starts. I don't think either QB fits very well with the kind of scheme Petrino wants to run but I also really don't think that scheme will work in the NFL anyways.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

He's never played in a real NFL game, and truth be told, he's only played one season of big time football. Still, I think DJ not only can do it, but can thrive. Why? Because like any paid NFL athlete he has physical talent, but unlike lots he is mentally, emotionally and psychologically capable of running an offense in the grind if a season. He knows how to prepare when you are not the starter maybe better than anyone ever. So let Joey start. Then, when he gets hurt or just messes up and they turn to DJ to run a couple plays while the medical staff patches Harrington up, DJ will carpe diem. The rest will be history.

DawgBarkingUGA said...

With all the bad pub going on for the falcons. Unless Joey H. is head and shoulders better than Shock (which I doubt) YOU SHOULD PLAY SHOCKLEY!!

81Dog said...

Why couldnt DJ succeed as a starting QB? He's mobile, he has a very strong arm, and he's a very hard working, patient young man. You know he's mentally tough.

All he really lacks is playing experience. If the Falcons can get him some PT without getting him killed, so he gets a little comfortable with the speed of the game at the NFL level, I think he could be a really good pro QB.

Physically, I would say his only perceived flaw is that he isnt quite as tall as you'd like an NFL QB to be, but isnt he about the same size as Drew Brees?

Prepare DJ in a way that gives him a chance to learn, and I think he'll succeed.

Robert said...

Let's look at this from the perspective of the entire organization. Joey Harrington has over 60 starts in the NFL, so he's going to be the guy when the season starts. The coaches like DJ, so he's going to get some reps during the preseason. He's a smart kid and, by all accounts, a leader.

Selling Joey Harrington to an already disenfranchized public is like selling a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. He's underwhelming, and he's a proven loser. Could he turn it around and be the guy? He was the number 3 pick in the draft, so there's something there. That is to say, yes, he could have his coming out party right here in Atlanta. Either way, he's a tough sell and most likely a long shot for the long term.

Now, think this over. DJ is the smart, tough, talented local guy who bided his time in Athens and succeeded as soon as he was given the opportunity. If we're 5-6 games in, and the season looks lost; give him a shot to be the savior. It's a feel good story that centers around a stand-up guy. Mr. Blank, you can sell that one all day long. He won't pack the seats like #7 did, but it's a positive spin on what appears to be the darkest season for any NFL team in quite some time.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he'll pack the seats...with Dawg fans.

Ludakit said...

what worries me will be the battle between the front office and the coaches. petrino has an ego and i promise that if he's more stubborn about winning games than he is about butts in seats, dj might not get to play at all. not saying shock can't win, but i don't think the coaches believe in him like we do.

getting redman was a bad sign for shock. i just haven't seen anything that says the coaches are high enough on him to give him the break he needs.

IMO shock has to have a stellar preseason and harrington has to lose a few before we all get what we want. i tell you what, though...i hope i'm so incredibly wrong.

Anonymous said...

i think people are forgetting that one of the first things petrino did was bring in redmen/redmon (whatever his name is)-i think DJ is still 3rd string at this point-should be an interesting preseason and DJ ought to get alot more reps-not sure if this is the year but hopefully he has a future in the ATL

Anonymous said...

Early prediction: 2007 Falcons 2-14. Come next years draft Petrino will be reunited w/ Brian Brohm.

Well Shock is more ready to be a starting NFL qb today than Quincy ever was, but thats not saying much. I go back to the Chris Miller era (then BillyJoe, Deberg, Hebert, Chandler, etc.), but at this point in my life I can't stomach watching Joey Harrington.

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