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August 24, 2007

Bulldog Headlines for Friday

More on Zeier's move to radio:
-- Ray Goff and others weigh in -- ABH
-- Nothing personal dude - Get the Picture
-- New Crew - Columbus-Ledger
-- Best headline on the topic -- Bulldog Blawger (although I disagree with his choice)

Other News:
-- Figgins making progress at TE - ABH
-- Fullbacks have unique tie - ABH
-- QBs share common bond - Loran Smith
-- Energy lacking in final scrimmage - ABH
-- Stats and quotes -- Ching
-- Numbers to chew on - Hedge Clippings
-- Who will make an early impact at OL -
-- Practice lacks energy -
-- Thomas Brown to start at tailback -
-- Freshmen who might play -- AJC



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