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August 16, 2007


My season tickets arrived. It is now football season.


Andy said...

If only this murderous heat would pass, it would truly feel like football season.

JPDawg said...

I've gone home for an early lunch to meet the mailman for the past 3 days and still no friggin' tickets. Flying out of town tonight so that pretty much guarantees that they will try to deliver them tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mine came in today. Mark Richt did a great job on his interview on ESPN College Football today at 3:30. When the host asked him why Brown had been suspended he put it simple. in essence he said You break the rules you gotta pay the price. Class act!

Shan said...

Ahhh yes. Sweet, sweet season tickets. I moved to Maryland in the off season, changed addresses after the cutoff date, and still the tickets arrived today as expected, all black, red and shiny. Good times.

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