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August 12, 2007

Ty Willingham. Milk Drinker.

Ty Willingham is getting head turning press for his decision to have his team use the healing power of chocolate milk to help with the redehydration process after practices. Per the AP:
The Huskies are experimenting with a new form of nutritional replacement following practices. Along with giving the usual water and sports drinks to rehydrate and replenish during grueling preseason practices, Washington's football staff is requiring its players to drink a small carton of fat-free chocolate milk.

And no, Oreos are not included.
My favorite line from the article..."When asked recently what was the best part of being a Husky, center Juan Garcia had a unique answer: 'I said 'tradition and chocolate milk.'"

Somewhere Jim Donnan is sitting with a refreshing jar of pickle juice and wondering where the hell was all this great press for non-traditional beverages in 1997?

The "Got Milk" movement has even drawn the attention of Coach Van Halanger at Georgia. He mentions the milk movement in a recent article with the Chattanooga Free Press.



Anonymous said...

Required? Hopefully, none of them are seriously lactose intolerant.

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