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September 6, 2007

Five Questions for Ron Morris

In preparation of our battle with the Cocks Saturday, we spoke with Ron Morris, columnist for Columbia's The State newspaper.

1. Was last week's average performance against Louisiana-Lafayette a surprise to you given the hype surrounding Carolina in the off season? South Carolina's performance was not surprising in the least. Let's break it down. First, the offensive line is very young and played better than expected. But USC used its two backup quarterbacks, Chris Smelley and Tommy Beecher, both of whom were reasonably effective. On defense, it is no surprise that Louisiana-Lafayette ran wild on USC. Lafayette uses the kind of option offense that drives USC's defense crazy. USC never could contain Lafayette's quarterback, and thus never could shut down the running game. No surprise.

2. How do you see Saturday's game going and what are your keys to the game? I really believe South Carolina is going to take it to Georgia. There are two keys, both of which will favor USC. First, USC's inexperienced offensive line is not bad and should be able to create holes for running backs Cory Boyd and Mike Davis as well as time to throw for Blake Mitchell, who should have a big, big game against Georgia's secondary. Second, if you think USC's offensive line is green, take a look at Georgia's. USC has a very good defense that did not show its true colors against Lafayette. Look for Jasper Brinkley to have a huge game against Georgia. I'll be surprised if Matthew Stafford has time to throw, and if Georgia scores more than 14 points.

3. Given Spurrier's frustrations over Carolina in the past few months, can you foresee him leaving Carolina before he appears in an SEC championship game? Steve Spurrier will not leave South Carolina, no matter the circumstances. This is his final job. He likes it here. This is where he wants to conclude his coaching career. I don't think there is any room for discussion on that point.

4. If you had to name your twin boys rhyming names, can you do better than Jasper and Casper? Just spent some time in the Brinkleys home town of Thomson, Ga., and those two guys are highly regarded there. I don't know that I could top the names.

5. What would Gamecock fans rather do: punch Blake Mitchell in the face or run their fingers through Steve Taneyhill's mullet? Right now, punch Blake Mitchell in the face for his continued stupidity. By Saturday night, after USC defeats Georgia, they will want a statue of him erected outside Williams-Brice Stadium.

No way Ron is right on number 5. Look at that thing.


Anonymous said...

I guess that is a pic of Ron Morris at the top of the column. He looks like he is sane, and can read and write. Reading the column answers gives a completely different impression.

Alex said...

our secondary is bad? they didn't seem to think that way about Asher Allen when they were recruiting him?

ChicagoDawg said...

Wow, that was insightful. I think we could have gotten more credible analysis and less blantant cheerleading from the Gamecock SID.

Oh well, lest anyone actually place any stock in this Cock lover and his powers of prognostication, you can check out his picks from last week, which are on The State website... Here are a few of his gems and how the games actually turned out...

Louisiana-Lafayette at USC... Smelley becomes a star, for a day... USC 38-3 (actual USC 28-14... Smelly 101yds 1TD 1INT)

Oklahoma St. at Georgia... Biggest upset of the day Oklahoma State... 21-17 (actual UGA 35-14)

Kansas State at Auburn Tigers... roll it up Auburn... 42-6 (Aub 23-13 score 14 in last 2 minutes to pull out a W)

Georgia Tech at Notre Dame... Lucky bounces go Irish way Notre Dame... 19-13 (actual GT 33-3)

Idaho at Southern Cal... OK, I get to pick one blowout Southern Cal... 70-0 (actual USC 38-10)

Anonymous said...

The State is nothing but sheer USC homerism. Look at their front pages for an entire football season and you'd never know the Cocks lost a game.

lawdawg1919 said...

I remember this guy. Last year I picked up a copy of The State before the UGA-SCU game, and he had a top ten most annoying things about UGA. The one that caught my attention was number 2, "they still think Herschel Walker was better than George Rogers." Apparently the media is propping up the delusional self image of the USC fanbase.

Anonymous said...

"Take it to Georgia" ?!?

Give me a break.

The Original Blawger said...

What a homer! Is he the beat writer or a columnist?

Smitty said...

Erect a statue of Blake Mitchell! I believe SCAR's fanbase would want that too. Pathetic people.

Anonymous said...

Wow he is why USC has the "best" fans. All I see here is optimism that is far from reality. Has Blake mitchell ever had a good game much less against the dawgs? He will not light it up. He will be on his back alot and USC will play at least one other QB beside him. OK I know I am a homer but I dont write for a paper either.

dawgphan42 said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

Please get this "take it to Georgia" quote to our staff. I want the players to know just how bad they're going to get their asses kicked.

Doug said...

Basically it sounds like he's saying, "If Georgia and South Carolina both perform completely opposite from what we saw from them in their respective openers, South Carolina wins big! Woohoo!"

C. Paul said...


I love the "its no surprise" they struggled with Louisiana-Lafayette but "I'll be surprised...if Georgia scores more than 14 points".

Go Dawgs!!

Anonymous said...

What a complete douche kit. I hope this guy gets a nice whiskey drink thrown on his head when we've got our backups in late fourth quarter.

LudacRuss said...

Ron Morris looks liek the chicken mascot. tanneyhill...well, tanneyhill looks like Joe Dirt.
go dawgs.

all school said...

I would have posted this earlier, but it took a couple of hours for the spasms of incredulous laughter to subside. I'm sure this guy is a national hero in Columbia, because this column is a perfect example of what UGA fans hear most every summer, and certainly hear for the week preceding our annual Carolina game.

Mr. Morris exhibits typical Chikin logic, which is the ultimate oxymoron:

1. Everything that could go wrong for us will go perfectly.

2. Everything that could go wrong with you will go disasterously.

3. History doesn't matter....except for Spurrier's history against UGA while he was at Florida in the 90s.

4. Our tradition, fans, facilities, players and coaches have always been better than yours, regardless of what everyone else and the records say.

5. Our weaknesses are actually strengths. Your strengths are actually weaknesses.

6. Dont confuse us with facts. This year is going to be different.

For the Chikins, every additional loss is just further evidence that they're getting closer to digging up the proverbial pony in the pile of horse poop that fate has dumped in front of them. Every occasional win is the signal that the worm has turned, and NOW, they will dominate us.

God bless them. At least GTU people have some actual football history to which they can point (true, 99% of it is over 50 years old, but that's another topic). The delusional excitement to actual accomplishment ratio is so out of whack, it cant be calculated.

Anonymous said...

I live in Columbia and, believe it or not, USC fans do not like Ron Morris. At all. He does write a lot of "negative" (actually I would say truthful) things about USC. They feel about him like we feel about Carter Strickland/Terrence Moore, but with more animosity. So for him to say this stuff in this way, he must really have been drinking the Cock Kool aid as of late.

Robert said...

That last question was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Email sent to that douche bag. Chicagodawg thanks for the research.

ruteger said...

LOL ChicagoDawg! Great find there!

He said last week's USC performance "was not surprising in the least", yet originally he picked them 38-3. He expected them originally to score 38 points, yet afterwards he said the offensive line played better than expected and only scored 28 and Smelley/Beecher were "reasonably effective". Originally, he thought LA-Laf would only manage to score 3 points, yet afterwards he says "it is no surprise that Louisiana-Lafayette ran wild on USC" and scored 14.

In other words Ron, it WAS a surprise that USC played the way it did, and now you're trying to say it wasn't. You expected them to score ten more points and to give up eleven less points.

IBDawgfan82 said...

This is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever read. But Paul, please don't take that to mean you shouldn't have done this piece. I enjoy a good laugh as much as the next guy.

What Morris said was some of the most illogical, unreasoned, and non-sensical bullcrap I've ever read. If it weren't so over the top, I might actually be pissed about it. But I only really have mixed emotions of feeling sorry for the poor guy, while simultaneously laughing my ass off. Put it on Georgia? Blake Mitchell has a big, big game? The only thing that would qualify as "big" that Blake has done is the size of the sweaty pit stains he made over the summer while doing his best Dance Fever impression at a wedding.

Georgia rolls 27-13.

Anonymous said...

Where are you watching the game?

Anonymous said...

My granddad grew up with a couple of guys named Vunyan and Bunyan.

I think that tops Jasper and Casper.

Anonymous said...

Just what exactly is IN the Kool-Aid in Columbia?! All of this business of contending for an SEC title is absolutely crazy-talk. Blake Mitchell? A huge game?! ROTFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:03- don't waste your nice whiskey drink on this tool.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ron,

How do you srew a gamecock? Turn it over and do it Dawggie style.
Nice predictions. I bet you chew on your pillow tonight.

Joel said...

Anon 1:36

It would have been better if one of them was Funyun

Jason said...

The answer to question #5 is priceless.

If there ever is a situation wherein you would consider constructing a statue of Blake Mitchell around your stadium, then that says pretty much all that needs to be said about your football program.

Hunker Down said...

I guess Ron is thinking we will pull a UGA-Auburn 1997 deal and that Blake Mitchell will morph into Ben Leard and that all of our speedy D-Backs will morph into our 97 backfield and then Mitchell will have a big, big day.

It just takes a mustard seed of faith...

Rival said...

What about Oranjello & Lemonjello?

Chris in Oxford said...

I'm pretty sure the Cocks are going to get plucked in Athens tonight. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Richt curse my guys just suck.

Ludakit said...


That is all.

Anonymous said...

Dammit all.

Cadillac Bill Weems said...

1. Ya know, why run it up the gut when off tackle was working pretty well.
2. Once again, the receivers let us down when we needed them.
3. The Martinez D couldn't stop the run when we needed them to.
4. See #1 and just remember Moreno.
5. Risky play action fake on 4th hurt....real bad.

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