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September 28, 2007

Ole Miss: What to watch for?

More Bailey, please. (image: Hipple)

Basically, Tony Barnhart asks the question that is on everyone's mind. Will UGA be ready on Saturday? We're faster, deeper, stronger and more talented than Ole Miss. The Rebels are a team that has only four wins against BCS teams since Orgeron arrived:
    2007 - zero (1 total win)
    2006 - 2: Vandy and MSU (4 total wins)
    2005 - 1: Kentucky (3 total wins)
Last year, we were a couple of calls in our favor away from being in an incredibly uncomfortable situation with the Rebels at the end of the game. We came out flat and the offense and special teams played incredibly poorly last year as we were still in transition between QBs.

This year, there is no ambiguity offensively as it relates to who our QB or star performers are. Georgia is playing with confidence overall, and we have momentum going into the game. We simply need to come out wide awake and obliterate the Rebels. But will we?

Things I'd like to see:
    1. More Sean Bailey and Mo Mass. Both are having an exceptional year catching the ball and (in Massaquoi's case) blocking. I'd love to see less substitutions and more catches for our primary guys. Balance is great, but let's let our stars shine more brightly.

    2. Defensive Stops that Matter. As Chip Towers asked in his blog, what do we make of the UGA defense? They have pretty good stats. However, for the second year in a row they are struggling to get teams off the field with the game on the line (See SC '07, Bama '07, UK '06 and Vandy '06 for shining examples).

    3. This blog acknowledge the season Marcus Howard is having: I have b*tched about his size all season. I said (either here or privately) that I expected Bama to line up behind Andre Smith and drive his 225 lb rear end into the turf. But you know what? That didn't happen. He held up pretty well. He deserves more credit from all corners of the Dawg Nation. Including this one.
Basically, I want to see us come out and really set the tone for next week. We need momentum going into Knoxville because we're facing a wounded animal next week that has had an off week to get healthy and regroup.

As a friend of the blog stationed in Knoxville said, (paraphrase)"There are 10 coaches up here fighting to keep their jobs and put food on their table. If Georgia wins this game, UT's season may unravel and folks are going to get fired. We have to be ready to match their desperation fueled intensity."

What are you looking forward to seeing?

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Anonymous said...

Would love to see a UGA defender attempt to the strip the ball.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see our defenders get their hands up at the line on pass plays. The only batted ball I've seen this year was by Howard last week. It is frustrating to see balls whizzing past the D line's head for a completion. Charles Johnson used to be an expert at this, so they should know how to do it.

Anonymous said...

To expand on your MoMass comment. I would love to see him get 5-6 catches ALL over the middle. Not only is his playing a more physical game this year, he looks bigger, stronger and solid. We should be sending him over the middle all night long. It IS open almost every play.

Andersondawg said...

The bottom line is that we show up ready to play with fierce intensity in the first quarter. We can't afford to get down and have to find that intensity in the 4th quarter or we will have another vandy 2006 game.

Can someone please remind me what time dawg walk occurs for 1:00 game.

JasonC said...

I think MoMass will definitely get more looks over the middle if Tripp hasn't gotten things figured out yet... meaning MoMass from the slot, not TE.

In the pic of Bailey, is he about to catch the ball? He doesn't look ready with his hand position, but the OkSt guy looks like he is coming up to tackle him.

I would also like to see UGA on the + side with takeaways.

RedDawg said...

fwiw.. In the pic of Bailey, he has the ball in his hand.

JasonC said...

Got it, thanks. I missed the hand with the glove on the ball. I saw the ungloved hand that is on his left side and that that was his.

Anonymous said...

Who's hand is that on the side of Bailey? It looks like the arm would be too long for the flailing OSU defender.

Anonymous said...

That's the line judge running on the sideline. It does line up very strangely

Anonymous said...


Drum show at 10:30, Dawg Walk at 11:15.

Brandon said...

Forget what the 1st anonymous poster wrote. Forget strips unless we have to have one late, or we get the perfect opportunities. I'd like to see us continue to wrap up ball carriers "like a sea of RED", and drive them backwards. But, the thing I'd like to see more of is: Asher Allen lined up opposite their best reciever; he can blanket them on any deep route. He's played like we expected Paul Oliver to, and could put together an All-SEC season if he continues to improve.

Anonymous said...

Monster hits. There have been a few. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon,

I didn't mean that the defenders should just quit tackling and go for the strip every time. My point was that there WERE some opportunities when we needed a stop or a turnover late (e.g. UGA vs USC.)and I would've loved to see a defender try and strip the ball.

It's not a radical idea.

Wade said...

Westerdawg--let's say the 2002 season is Richt's "Let It Be," 2005 his "Pleased To Meet Me," and 2006 his "Don't Tell A Soul." How do you see 2007 shaping up?

Paul Westerdawg said...


I'm actually hoping that 2002 was "I will Dare" and 2005 was "Left of the Dial."

2006 was Stink. The whole album.

2007 could be "Run It". We'll see.

2008 will be "Talent Show."

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