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September 16, 2007

SEC Power Poll Ballot

The Power Poll ballot is getting more and more difficult to fill out. It looks like to me we have three strata of teams. The first two spots are simple. LSU and the Gators have separated themselves from everyone else. It's spots three through eight that are so difficult. This second tier has teams that have a loss or two, but have units that should make them contenders for New Years Day bowls. But, they also all have flaws that can cost them games. Even the last four spots are debatable.

1. LSU - Looking like a machine after their second and third strings dismantled a cupcake.
2. Florida - Who cares if your defense may be suspect when you score 59?
3. South Carolina - Will get a huge test Saturday. Like Arkansas last week, they're at No. 3 by default largely. Their defense is good, but I'm just not sold on their offense.
4. Alabama - Beat a good team after letting the game get away from them. They look like they're getting better on offense each week.
5. Kentucky - Biggest win ever for the 'Cats? The defense held up enough to win.
6. Arkansas - DMac was his usually self, but penalties and strange playcalling cost them another game at the end.
7. Georgia - Sluggish win over a 1-AA school. This team is inconsistent and young, making it difficult to gauge them. Needs a win in Tuscaloosa to keep any hope in the East.
8. Tennessee - UT is good enough to win out, but they're defense looked like swiss cheese against Tebow & Co. Offense wasn't much better.
9. Vanderbilt - Big win over the Rebs.
10. Mississippi State - Upset win on the road is just what Croom and the cowbells needed. Their offense is still terrible.
11. Auburn - Two straight losses at home. Good defense, but you have to score to win. Can Kodi Burns throw it, because Cox can't.
12. Ole Miss - Lost at Vandy because they couldn't stop the 'Dores. Defense needs a lot of work.

Alright, rip it up.



Anonymous said...

No way SCUm deserves to be in 3rd. UK should at least be ahead of them after knocking off Louisville.

The Original Blawger said...

Chickens are way too high. I'd put Bama or Kentucky at 3, the other at 4, and the chickens at 5. South Carolina barely beat us, and we're not that good right now.

JasonC said...

Shhh... moving Usc higher makes us look better.

But honestly, how did we lose to them? I was looking at some leagues stats and they turned it over 7 times in their other 2 games (mostly last week), but against us, they fumbled 3 times, but never lost it. Also, they gave up an average of 214 yards rushing to UL-M and SCST, while we only managed 128 yards on the ground. LSU is about to expose Darth Visor and the chickens, but it doesn't change the fact that we missed out on what should have been a win.

However, we have to forget about that and foucs on Bama.

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