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September 28, 2007

SUCK IT GATORS! How does retroactive defeat taste!

I take back every negative thing I've ever said about Dennis Felton. I just totally forgot that we actually won the SEC Basketball Tournament back in April. And here I was thinking that we were savagely beaten by Florida in the second round.


Wait? What? We did lose? I'm so confused! Well....why is the online store selling Championship T-Shirts and hats if we didn't win? Did someone hire George O'Leary to run the merchandising programs for the Dawgs?


ht - dawgrun and rivals hoops board


Anonymous said...

Appears to be a contingency item that they "would have" produced had UGA won the tourney. They should have taken it off the site but didn't. Notice it says "Discontinued."

Anonymous said...

Another item for the secret vault at Butts-Mehre

Doug said...

I just wanted to say I will never, ever get tired of hammering on George O'Leary.

Anonymous said...

What the hell...

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