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October 15, 2007

Don't Make Vandy Mad

Vandy fan only seems docile. You trudge up to their stadium every other year to eat barbeque, listen to country music, and enjoy a win. And Vandy fan is generally happy to see you. He doesn't yell "Walk the Plank!" in your face. He doesn't throw bourbon at your kids. He wants to win, but he understands he's Vandy and only expects a win every decade or so. But, beneath Vandy fan's civil outer coating, there burns an intense fire. A fire that burns with rage. If you cross him, he will get you. Not to your face, but in more sneaky ways.

How do I know? Ask Brandon Coutu. Perhaps moments after he breaks Vandy fan's heart with a booming kick through the Nashville night to save the Dawgs, his apartment was burglarized. Coutu lost a TV, an iPod, and various firearms in the robbery. The assailant is still at large, but I do not doubt for an instant that all of Coutu's loot is in the hands of a Commodore.



Ludakit said...

"Coutu lost a TV, an iPod, and various firearms in the robbery."

File that under "that sucks."

Also file that under "don't screw with Brandon Coutu."

Anonymous said...

I guess Rock Springs residents are Vandy fans? ;)

blackertai said...

Shit, he couldn't even watch the CSS replay of his first game winning field goal AT HOME! Assholes.

Anonymous said...

Just got a tip off the scanner...ACC Cops suspect CWM broke into Coutu's house - he was searching for a scheme to stop the run.

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