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November 5, 2007

Black Out for Auburn

You've probably heard by now, but if not here goes. Tonight on the Bulldog Hotline radio show, Richt said that the seniors came to him and asked him to ask the fans to wear black on Saturday. The seniors want to have a blackout game.

Generally, I'm not a fan of red out, blackout, whiteout, etc. games. I think it's just a cheap stunt. But if the seniors want it, they've got my support. My general rule of thumb is this, "Beat the Gators and you get at least one no questions asked favor granted."

I was planning on wearing a black shirt anyway. So it doesn't alter my plans much.

As for black jerseys rumors:
On the call in show, Richt said that you can't just decide at the last minute that you want a team full of black jerseys. He also said there was no symbolism behind it. It's just a solidarity thing, and the players requested it. When it comes from the team, I'm down with it.

All that said, Nike has produced a black UGA jersey for retail sale since at least 2005. I have one of them linked above. I personally wouldn't have a problem with black jerseys and the silver britches. We'd look like the Oakland Raiders only with red helmets. If they wore them, I'd be down with it. Just NO BLACK PANTS. Nothing positive has ever happened in black pants. (Update: I stand corrected. We beat the hell out of Wisconsin in black pants. So we're 1-1 in black pants)

But realistically, I don't think we'll wear different unis on the field. And that's actually my preference.

It obviously won't make a hill of beans difference, but I'm receptive to anything that involves the team being a tiny bit more geeked up to beat Auburn. I'm 2-6 when watching UGA play Auburn in Athens. I'm down with anything to mix it up.

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matthew said...

let's give the seniors a parting gift. they've been working hard for the past 4-5 years to please the fans. its our turn to show our appreciation for their hard work. i mean, honestly, how often do the players ask something of the fans? they have to worry about us bickering to them on a daily basis. show those boys some love!

Anonymous said...

Nothing positive in the black pants? I seem to recall a thrashing of Wisconsin at the Outback Bowl in said pants. Not that we really needed them.

Anonymous said...

I don't think we should ever screw with our uniform, you don't see Penn State, USC, Michigan, etc. messing with theirs. If you have a classic uniform like UGA has you should just go with that all the time, changing uniforms should only be for teams that stink who are trying to change their luck by trying something new (e.g. The New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Bucs)

ruteger said...

Not only did they beat Florida, those seniors beat Florida 50% of the time they played them. No UGA player has been able to say that for a long, long while. Black it is.

JasonC said...

Didn't the Falcant's where a similar scheme at one time? silver pants, black shirt, red helmet.

Back in the late 60s or something like that.

I don't particularly like the changes either; you don't want to be Oregon... speaking of uniforms of course, but as PWD said, they beat Florida, so give 'em some leeway.

all school said...

Ack. The black jerseys with red helmets will be awfully reminiscent of the original Atlanta Falcons unis. They switched over to red jerseys in the mid to late 70s, as I recall, but NO ONE should feel too good about the karma associated with the original Falcons. Or, for that matter, virtually any other Falcons team since then.

I realize today's seniors were born close to 20 years after the last of the Ernie Wheelwright/Randy Johnson era, but those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it. I like looking at tapes of old games and realizing our uniforms stand the test of time. I still resent Jim Donnan putting that (*&%*^&# black stripe on the helmet.

Of course, I'm just an old guy, even if I can do the the crank dat, soulja boy dance. I got skillz. I just dont like the black jersey look.

JasonC said...

What I would really like to see is some of our Dogs up in the NE go to Amherst (or wherever) and have some big signs behind Lee, Chris and Kirk that say stuff like, "The real game is in Athens", "GameDay should be in Athens" "Amherst, what the hell?!" Of course, I welcome more clever attempts that these lame ones I came up with on the spur of the moment.

Anonymous said...

If the players called for this, I'm all for it. It's the least we can do. I'm usually "blacked-out" for most games anyway.

I always wear a black shirt anyway with my red pants.

Anonymous said...

Leave the uniforms alone. Black jerseys are a gamecock thing...we don't need to do that! Plus, red ones look better.

Please don't be a clemson either and start letting the players pick uniforms every time they feel like it.

And I also wish they would go back to the deeper red helmets. Too much tampering with the look as it is at the moment.

Daniel said...

There is not enough black. Black is one of our offical colors and we never see it. I'm all for the black jersies but with a black helmet. who cares if its a USC thing. anything they do... we do better.

William said...

I created a Facebook group to help the team's efforts in creating a blackout for Saturday. If you could post it on your blog I would appreciate it. I'm not really fond of the idea of another blackout, but if the players want it I'd love for the Dawg Nation to pull it off.

Dante said...

Blackout, huh? First we get some stupid misplaced Brittney Spears comments during the UGA vs. Bama game and now that Ms. Spears' new "Blackout" album is out, the students suddenly want to do an actual blackout. There's brainwashing afoot, I tell you. Richt and staff are pawns in some giant Brittney Spears conspiracy!

Bob Greasy said...

Thou shan't blaspheme the Falcons. Steve Bartkowski shall shit in your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Does any UGA fan care what Michigan ,SC or Penn State has or has not done? I think we are 6 & 1 againts the little 11. Who is using them as a standard?

Ryno said...

What are we...Notre Dame?

Stay Red.

Anonymous said...

ryno, what are you? an auburn fan? too cool for school?

listen to the seniors

Mitch said...

If the team wear black jerseys with the silver britches coming out of the tunnel, it will be an unbelieveable atmosphere. I know the student section would go nuts, thats the talk of the campus right now is the black jerseys.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, Auburn tried to pull this stunt with the orange jerseys against Georgia.

Auburn lost by two touchdowns.

Anonymous said...

i've worn the same thing for the last fifteen years to georgia games-red. but we need this auburn game, and we need our players motivated and intense, so i'll do my part and wear black

Mitch said...

For all you jack(fill in the blank) here is a quote from Tripp chander..........Said senior tight end Tripp Chandler: “If it’s done right it can be pretty good but everybody’s got to commit to it. Everybody’s got to make sure whatever they bring is black. We can definitely pull it off. We’ve just got to get the word out.”

Dawg19 said...

I agree with PWD.

Had the players asked before the Florida game, "Can we wear black for one game if we beat Florida?" Every Dawg fan on here would have immediately volunteered to sew the jerseys personally if the Dawgs made that happen.

I know I'm not alone on here when I write that after we beat Florida, I said to myself, "I don't care what happens the rest of the season...WE BEAT FLORIDA!!"

Black jerseys don't bother me in the least...

Anonymous said...

There is a reason that you don't see black as the dominant color doesn't look as good as red.

Black trim is fine. Leave it alone.

I'm willing for this one game to wear black because that it is what the players and students want. However, doing this black out thing or changing the jerseys on a regular basis is silly. Especially, when the sun is blazing early in the season.

Anonymous said...

JasonC said...

At least they didn't request it back in September when it is hot as hell.

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