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November 12, 2007

A Few Last Thoughts on Auburn

I've been going to Georgia games for what I consider a long time, but I cannot recall a more fun game than last Saturday's. We got everything, new jerseys, a loud crowd, a fast start, the drama of losing a lead and coming back big. Even Gov. Sonny's save water promo was amusing when the front row of the student section revealed "Conserve Water" painted on their backs. I can't recall a more thoroughly satisfying and entertaining game. Big passes, big runs, big hits. It had it all.

As I've said here before, I'm not a big fan of piped in music. (Let the Redcoats play.) That being said, "Back in Black" and "Soulja Boy" were great Saturday. I think even the kickoff team was dancing on the field at the start of the fourth quarter. I know Vern was.

The black jerseys were fun, but I hope they aren't a normal thing. Richt said he thought we would wear them again, although probably not in this regular season. He did say that if we are the home team, the Dawgs will wear them in the bowl game. If we wear them all the time, the fans won't react like that every time. Too much use devalues them. They should be reserved for the big games.

As great as it was, the players need to set the game aside and focus. Kentucky and Georgia Tech are capable of beating us. We still have a shot to go to Atlanta and play for the SEC Championship. Even if that doesn't happen, we can go to a BCS bowl. Either way, it will be hard to call this season anything but a success if either of those scenarios happen. So, we need to win out. We can't waste beating the Gators and Aubs in the same year. Here, I'll start focusing now:


Anonymous said...

How about this for the next motivational ploy? All the fans meet at the DawgWalk and fill up the stadium for warm-ups. Tailgate after the game, savoring a great SEC season.

Anonymous said...


Fun time is over.

This one is about revenge.

It is time to re-post the Stafford photo.

Anonymous said...

I'm in total agreement. The Schedenfreude of Auburn is on hold (it's never over). We've got some serious bid'ness to take care of.

I hope the crowd is in their seats early. 12:30 LFS TV games belong in the SEC West.

nck9 said...

have read where some think we should "only" break out the black jerseys once or twice a year....I think that is way too often. Maybe once or twice every 4 years.

Anonymous said...

What nck9 said. Annually is too often, which means predictable, which means they lose their impact.

Anonymous said...

I think the black jerseys looked very good, which I didn't expect to happen. It doesn't matter when we use them, imo. They aren't a good luck charm, or even a motivator by themselves. They may have motivated a little this weekend, but only because it was CMR saying: go out, have fun, be loose, and play your best in the process.

And, they did.

For another group at another time, it is just a different color jersey. The whole way this was done with the darkened room, and the team prayer, and the lights going on and there the jerseys are - that's what got them pumped. That part is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. I say wear them as much as you want.

UGA Tailgate said...

It was great to see the players enjoying themselves on Saturday but when Soulja Boy becomes a distraction to the team it needs to be stopped.

Point: Jason Johnson was too busy dancing during the kickoff with 6:00 to go in the second to MAKE HIS BLOCK.

If the powers that be think the Red Coats are no longer good enough, fine but cut the music off before the plays start.

JPDawg76 said...

The black jerseys are like the ring of the Schwartz. Lone Starr thought he needed the ring to wield the mighty power of the Schwartz. However, it turned out that the Schwartz was inside him the entire time. He didn't need the ring and he was able to defeat Dark Helmet by focusing on the Schwartz within.

Josh said...

I don't want to see the black jerseys for another two years. Of course, I also said that Soulja Boy should have been a one-time thing.

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