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November 13, 2007

He's a Real Slasher


In an effort to completely phase out the basketball program, UGA police arrested Billy Humphrey today for, I'm not kidding, having too big of a pocketknife. Too big of a pocketknife. (Shaking head.) At least the UGA cops are having to get creative to arrest the athletes, working late nights to scour the law for obscure charges to play Gotcha! with.

Do we not have enough security concerns on campus to keep the UGA cops from arresting basketball players who happen to be whittling enthusiasts? Is Caleb King driving his scooter perfectly? Has Rennie Curran's scooter boot been recovered? Is campus completely ninja-free? Here's a tip: I saw a ninja this weekend in Athens dressed in all black. Load up the SWAT truck.

No word on any suspension.



Anonymous said...

In the mean time the asshole who roams the streets looking to harm UGA women runs free.

Great Job UGA police....nothing gets past them.

ruteger said...

Will the sun ever shine on our crops?

Dawg 05 said...

Next Headline: UGA Police Declare "War on Jaywalking"

Jmac said...

Just to be that guy ... it is official UGA policy to prohibit weapons on campus, and it's a zero-tolerance policy.

Faulting the police for merely doing their jobs is off-base, is it not?

My question is ... if you're a UGA men's basketball player, are you just deliberately trying to get caught for dumb things?

Anonymous said...

having a pocket knife?? Granted, I don't know the whole story, but it sounds like they searched the guys room looking for contraband and all they could come up with is a pocket knife who's blade was too big. All i'm saying is that they didn't go in there looking for a pocket knife. It's almost like when they didn't find what they were looking for they were like "well, we can always get him on a weapons charge cause his pocket knife is to big".
This just reminds me of two years ago when that gang was beating people with baseball bats behind tasty world while a block away Athens police bravely arrested underage drinkers. Can they not get their priorities in order?

Mid 80's Dawg said...

This is past the ridiculous point. From first sniff, it looks like UGA's "finest" were looking for any reason to justify their search. I wonder if they targeted the Ag school students just how many too large knives they might find. Please don't say they were just doing their jobs, their harrassment policies are legendary.

Students now have a radical choice, live off-campus and make sure you have weapon for protection, live on-campus and be subject to an over-the-top zero tolerance rule and the potential for an embarrassing arrest.

Remember the "ninja" from the Methodist student group last year that had guns drawn on him and a boot on his neck for wearing a costume? They were just doing their jobs I guess.

Anonymous said...

If the Police have probably cause to receive and execute a search warrant of a dorm room, of a UGA athlete no less, you can bet there is far more to this than we know at this time.

They weren't looking for a knife.

And that Felton was unaware should make you concerned. Very concerned.

Connect the discipline and dismissal dots.

Anonymous said...

jmac- I hate for you to be that guy as well....but if they searched his room then they were on a witch hunt. If they had a legit reason to search his room then shame on him for giving the reason. He is an athlete probably given a full ride and if he screwed that up with a knife then he needs to be in trouble.

My point to the whole thing is that they do not seem to have there priorites in order. When Caleb King gets ARRESTED for driving the wrong way on a one way street and not having a DL it is beyond stupid. Granted he should have been ticketed for the DL but he is a freshman and might not have known he was on a one way street.

I respect all law enforcement officals...but UGA PD is in a class all by itself.

Anonymous said...

About the ninja thing, that was federal agents, not UGA police

Groo said...

Paul Hogan is unimpressed. That's not a noife.

Anonymous said...

It was a butterfly knife, not a pocket knife as originally stated.

Mid 80's Dawg said...

A butterfly knife? Must be a fan of the movie "The Outsiders".

And besides the before mentioned Ag students with knives, how many of you didn't have some nerd/goofball in your freshman dorm with a samurai sword?

How many on-campus attacks involving knives have their been in the past 10 years?

Anonymous said...

I'm now hearing it was a Popeil Pocket Fisherman with extra knife attachment and telescoping bottle opener.

Dubbayoo said...

I thought Felton was supposed to clean up the program? Are we at least winning more with him than with Harrick?

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