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December 14, 2007

Another Blackout Video from the Auburn Game

DuPont24Dawgs did a killer job with this one.

There's no telling how many times I'll end up watching the youtube videos from this season.



Dawgbone23 said...

It doesn't get much better than that! What a game. Sanford was rockin' that night!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whatever happened to Micheal Johnson? I had the chance to meet him after his Second Auburn game where he throw the touchdown pass. He is a great guy and very humble. He fell of the map his Junior year.

Anonymous said...

Good video, but why do people always pick the lamest songs? I have to watch most of these videos on mute because the song selection is TERRIBLE.

dean said...

That is well done. One of the better videos I've seen of the game.
What a day it was to be bulldawg.

Hill Dawg said...

Best of the videos. If you could bottle the atmosphere/energy that was in the stadium that night you would make millions! Been going to Sanford for over 50 years. Never seen it like that before. It is still a WOW!

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