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December 19, 2007

FAMU's Search Turns to Eason

The Tallahassee Democrat is reporting that Florida A&M University's search for a head coach may be turning towards University of Georgia wide receivers coach John Eason. Coach Eason was also a candidate for the FAMU job in 2005.

Dr. Eason holds a Ph.D. in educational administration from FSU, and he holds a bachelors and masters degree from Florida A&M. He has spent 25 years of his life in Tallahassee has a player or coach (including being a former high school coach in the area). He's an academic oriented guy whose players have never found any sort of meaningful mischief in Athens.

Under his guidance Terrence Edwards set the SEC career marks in touchdowns, yardage and receptions. Edwards, Fred Gibson and Reggie Brown also earned All-SEC honors. He has also recruited blue chip players like AJ Green, Mohamad Massaquoi and Sean Bailey to Athens.

He has handled himself with nothing but class while in Athens, and the only imaginable reason for him to not get the FAMU job would be his age.

I wish him the best of luck with his candidacy for the position, and I think any logical UGA fan would do the same.


ht - dawgrun


Anonymous said...



on a side not, you need to post Pulpwood's take on the BCS, etc...

Paul Westerdawg said...

Take it easy fellas.

FAMU fans and our own current players read this blog.

Stay Classy.

Anonymous said...

"FAMU this blog."


nice one Paul.

The point of my post was to promote the bringing back of the one and only Darryl Drake.

but, damn i didnt realize he was in the NFL now...

h0bnail said...

I just hope A.J isn't too attached to him.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Ok -- Let me clarify.

This article will be on of the Top Google Searches for John Eason FAMU within hours based on the way Google has been indexing this site lately.

That's what I meant.

B/c're right. FAMU fans wouldn't normally read the site.

Dawg 05 said...

Wow, didn't realize Eason was an academic. That's a heck of a resume to throw down on a college president's desk. Good luck to him with getting this job. For a bad as our receivers looked last year, they have shown incredible improvement in 2007.

Anonymous said...

First off, for Georgia fans to be mad because of drops in the past 2 or 3 years then get over it. Watch some professional ball (you know the stuff that's played Sundays). You'll see guys drop balls left and right. From Terrell Owens to Reggie Bush even the professionals drop balls.

The fact that Eason stayed classy and that his players have stayed classy throughout the boos and calls for his head is a testament to the man, his teaching, and the caliber of young men that recruits to our great university.

And second, that's a heck of a resume. Best of luck to him if that's what he wants. If he does leave I'm sure Richt can find a quality person to fill the position.

ChicagoDawg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChicagoDawg said...

The criticisms of Eason have been wildly over stated over the last couple of years. There are only so many ways to catch a ball (proper hand positioning based on the trajectory of the ball), the coaching of receivers is much more than just catching the ball, it is route running, getting off LoS w/o false-stepping, getting off the LoS w/o getting your route disrupted, making proper route adjustments, adjusting to a ball that is in-flight, blocking, etc.,
Kids with good hands, courage and concentration catch balls, it is as simple as that...those who are lacking in these areas don't. Not to say that coaching is not important, but the drops are on the players more than the coaches -- period.
Good luck to Coach Eason, by all accounts he is a fine man and deserves serious consideration.

Anonymous said...

I guess y'all are right. Just look at the stats of our past few groups of receivers...and look at well they are all doing in the NFL.


Paul Westerdawg said...

No kidding. It's a HELLUVA resume.


Dawg19 said...

George O' Leary: "Gee...if only I had that resume."

acedawg said...

I'll wish him well, but I don't want to. For very selfish reasons, especially recruiting wise, I hope he loves Georgia and Athens too much to leave.

I don't remember the 2005 situation very well. Did he just not get the job or did he turn it down to stay at UGA?

Was really hoping we would have an offseason without losing a coach. God please don't let anyone come after Rodney Garner!

peacedog said...

This year is proof that coaching is important, but fans tend to overstate the coach's role in on-the-field performance. It was an oft repeated phrase in the past few years, but Eason wasn't dropping balls. And while we didn't throw a ton this year, the WR play was generally very good to exceptional. they caught balls, they got open, and they were certainly blocking on the perimeter and the second level.

FAMU would be getting a good hire, IMO, and I'd pull for them when it wasn't UGA they were facing.

Anonymous said...

I'm especially curious how this would affect this year's recruiting. Do you see anyone jumping ship if Eason departs?

peacedog said...

Nobody will jump ship over a coaching depature.

Hunkering Hank said...

Best of luck to Coach Eason whether he goes or stays.

That is a heck of a resume for a college wide receiver coach. I'm betting he brings more to the table for UGA (or FAMU) than just being a good coach.

Having said that, we have had the dropsies the last few years. So, I'm sure there will be no dropoff if UGA ends up with a new coach for wideouts. Further, I can't imagine a recruit not going to a school over a position coach departing. I mean, really, that happens all the time at every school (I'm barely exaggerating here.). You'd think, even if the 18 year old doesn't know that, his mom or dad might and would counsel the kid correctly.

Anyhoo, GO DAWGS, kill Hawaii.

Anonymous said...

I have not been one to criticize Eason, and am glad that most of the folks on here are being reasonable. I would hate to see him go, personally, but it would no doubt be good for him if only to get back to Tallahassee where he has so many ties. As far as recruits leaving, I would think that for the most part, recruits leave only if you have fired someone they had a relationship with (as opposed to him taking a better job that became available, or if there is likely going to be a wholesale change of coaching philosophy, a la GT. This isn't like that, so I don't thin k we have to worry.

Anonymous said...

Well I am a FAMU grad!

Anonymous said...

Hey Richt!, Stop writing these glowing Eason reviews! (l0l!!!)

RattlerDAWG said...

Good Luck with the Bowl Game DAWGS!!! With or without Eason, the DAWGS are in good shape headed into next year. But, as usual, the SEC is going to be even more of a BEAST!!!

RattlerDAWG said...

I hope that one day enough fans will get up the nerve to DEMAND a Playoff!!!

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