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January 9, 2008

Final SEC Power Poll

The guys at Garnet & Black Attack want one more, final poll after the bowl season. The conference performed well during the bowl season, going 7-2, but the two losses were embarrassing. Dominant wins by LSU and Georgia more than make up for it.
  1. LSU - National champs. Conference champs. The best team in the league over the course of the year. When healthy the Tigers were dominant. The Tigers had the total package this year: solid coaches, great athletes, every big game at home. Congrats to the Tigers.
  2. Georgia - An awesome showing in the Sugar Bowl against a marginal team. The Dawgs were white hot at the end, but it's hard to overcome the home loss to Carolina or the beatdown in Knoxville. Next year's team should be loaded, but the schedule is rough.
  3. Tennessee - A typical workman-like performance over an average Big 10 team. Snore.
  4. Florida - What the hell? If you had asked me before the bowl season which team could not possibly lose its game, I'd have said the Gators. Tebow and crew looked awesome at the end of the season. I knew Michigan would be fired up, but they dominated the Gators.
  5. Auburn - Played in the most exciting SEC bowl game. Their new offensive coordinator should have plenty of tricks up his sleeve next year, but who's going to call the defense?
  6. Kentucky - Another good bowl win for the Cats, even if it was against a team that had suspended everybody but the water boy.
  7. Mississippi State - No offense? No problem. Croom's defense dominated as the Dogs get their first bowl win since the 2000 Independence Bowl, which leads us to ...
  8. Alabama - John Parker Wilson has some sort of bipolar athletic disease. The guy looked great for the first quarter and then went back into his normal, plodding self. If JPW could be consistent next year, Bama could avoid their third straight trip to Shreveport.
  9. Arkansas - Damn. I thought Mizzou would win, but not like that. I total beatdown. A little tear runs down my face when I think of DMac leaving. We won't see another one like him for a long time.
  10. South Carolina
  11. Vanderbilt
  12. Ole Miss


SonuvaDawg said...

Why did you pick UF over AU? They finished with identical records, while AU beat them head-to-head and won their bowl game. Strange choice IMO.

D.N. Nation said...

I love telling people that Florida finished behind Auburn in the SEC. It makes their head explode.

I picked both Michigan over The Fightin' Fifth Placers and East Carolina over Boise State...the two big locks of the bowl season. Just FWIW.

ugagirl24 said...

The schedule is rough? That's an understatement!! I heard Stafford said our schedule is the toughest he's ever seen. No joke!

Anonymous said...

Michigan finished 6-2 in conference and UF finished 5-3 in conference play. So, I don't see a UM win by less than a TD as "embarrassing" for the SEC. Surprising, but not embarrassing.

Mikeyb said...

OK Bulldog nation, next year is your turn. LSU Alum here, as much as I want us to repeat, I am a realist. Show them what the SEC is all about.

Hopefully OSU repeats in the BCS final, they got a mauling from the Tiger Nation. They have no idea what a pissed of DAWG can do. NOBODY and I mean NOBODY can stand with the SEC.

I hope you heard us at the end of the game, yes we shouted LSU, LSU, but we were more animated hollering SEC, SEC, SEC.

Beware the DAWG.....2008 National Champs...........


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