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January 8, 2008

Two Random Tidbits after Last Night

"When we score, we're gonna celebrate right over there."**

The Georgia Bulldogs are 6-1 against the defending national champions since 1965. Kyle King at was the first to tip us off to that stat, and now we're just sorta giddy keeping up with it. Why do I mention it? We're playing at Baton Rouge next year the week before the Cocktail Party. So we've got that going for us.

UGA vs. Defending Champs:
    2007: UGA vs. UF (neutral) - W
    2004: UGA vs. LSU (home) -- W
    1999: UGA vs. UT (away) - L
    1997: UGA vs. UF (neutral) - W
    1991: UGA vs. GT (away) - W
    1982: UGA vs. Clemson (home) - W
    1965: UGA vs. Alabama (home) - W
The second unofficial year when LSU plays at Florida it will only be the fifth match-up of back-to-back national champs over the past 30 seasons. The first such meeting in 18 years.
    2008 - LSU ('07) at UF ('06)
    1990 - Miami ('89) at Notre Dame ('88)
    1989 - Notre Dame ('88) at Miami ('87)
    1982 - Clemson ('81) at Georgia ('80)
    1979 - USC ('78 Co-Champs) at Notre Dame ('77)
I said "unofficial" tidbit for the second set of information because I had to look that up by hand. I think I nailed it, but if you're aware of other instances let me know. There were several such meetings in the 70s usually involving Notre Dame, Southern Cal and/or Pitt. (Note: I only counted UPI or AP titles prior to '98).

-- National Champs of the Past - Wikipedia
-- Historical Schedules - College Football Data Warehouse


**I love recycling that caption.


carter said...

After last night all I can ask is will next year be our turn to beat Ohio State?

Bob Greasy said...

You forgot
2005- LSU ('03)vs Auburn ('04)

Paul Westerdawg said...

Bob -- I'm not sure what games you were watching. But Auburn was not the national champion in 2004.

dh said...

A couple more such instances:

1975 - Notre Dame ('73 AP) vs. Southern Cal ('74 coaches poll)

1978 - Pittsburgh ('76) vs. Notre Dame ('77)

Anonymous said...

Love the 6-1 stat, but I only count it at 5-1. The '91 NATS teams gets no recognition as a Nation Champ from me, even if it benefits the Dawgs. I know UPI is a legit poll, but my Dawg-glasses only see Colorado that year.

Anonymous said...

Colin Cowherd said on his show yesterday that next year it will be Georgia beating down Ohio State in the championship game!

Russ said...

We also beat Michigan in Michigan in 1965. They were the "Dunkel" national champions the previous year as well, so we beat TWO defending MNCs in 1965. Woof!

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