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February 5, 2008

MAILBAG: Steve Spurrier vs. Chan Gailey

One of our readers sent us this tidbit....

Did you know that Chan Gailey (GT) over his final three years won more games than Steve Spurrier (SC) over the same time frame. Three years is the time frame for this conversation as that's how long Spurrier has been with the Gamecocks.

The records over the past 3 years:
-- Gailey: 23-16 / 16-9 (includes ACC Champ Game)
-- Spurrier: 21-16 / 11-13

Vs. biggest rivals over the past 3 years:
-- Gailey: 0-3 vs. UGA and 2-1 vs. Clemson
-- Spurrier: 1-2 vs. Clemson and 1-2 vs. UGA

Spurrier is considered by many to be a miracle worker at South Carolina despite results lower than Chan "Mr. Mediocre" Gailey's.

Yet, it's Gailey that had the Conference Divisional Championship Trophy, 3 consecutive bowl game streak, and a New Year's Day Bowl appearance compared to Spurrier's...well....Liberty Bowl trophy.

My Point:
Is South Carolina really going anywhere? The high water marks of the Gamecock's 2007 season were their victories over Georgia and Kentucky.

Yet, the Chickens just approved a $1 million annuity for Spurrier in hopes of getting him to coach for 4 more years. I'm sure that recruits in South Carolina's 29th ( and 37th ( ranked recruiting class will be relieved to know that he's there for the "long term."

And furthermore, when compared to Spurrier, should Tech still have run off Gailey to bring in a coach who's wrangled up the #33 ( and #47 ( ranked recruiting classes? The lowest ranked classes at GT in 4 or 5 years.

And yes, Chicken fans...I know. "16-12" I also know #2 in the Nation vs. Home for the Holidays.



Anonymous said...

"And yes, Chicken fans...I know. "16-12" I also know #2 in the Nation vs. Home for the Holidays."

+1 PWD

Smitty said...

Great post about a couple piddling programs.

Joel said...

To be fair, SC competes in a much tougher conference and a much tougher division within that conference.
Also, GT arguably has a stronger football history that SC.
The ACC Divisional crown that GT won that of quite possibly the worst ACC in recent memory.

I think Johnson was a terrible hire (although that offense, however boring, is difficult to prepare for when you only face it once a season). And I don't think SOS has elevated SC to more than a more consistent version of their former selves. But I would certainly rather have SOS as a coach than Gailey

JasonC said...

I heard Corso say that Spurrier is the greatest offensive mind in college football and just laughed. I do give credit to him for what he did in the early 90s, when he was one of the key people to open up offenses in the SEC, but for the most part the league caught up and he has very little that is new. People love to spout about what a great QB coach he is, but none of his QBs have done much in the NFL and he is as fickle as they get. Why would you want to play QB for him, when there is always a good chance he will yank you on a whim? Richt took some heat for Greene-DJ and even some in 2006, but Spurrier juggles his guys as much if not more.

Anonymous said...

here's the thing: you cant win the Kentucky Derby on a mule, no matter how good the jockey is.

Is Spurrier a great coach? Sure. Is Gailey a solid coach, not a great one? Sure. How-EV-UH, as Screamin' A. Smith might say, if you give Gailey the mid 90s Gator talent to work with, he's going to be pretty damn good. And, if you give Steve Spurrier the "talent" (sic) at GTU the last 7 years, is he REALLY going to do better than Gailey did? My guess is that the thought of 4 years with Reggie BaLLLL as his QB would be enough to make the OBC stick his head in the nearest oven, but Gailey managed to beat Auburn twice, Miami twice, and somehow get to 4 bowls and an ACC championship game with him.

Spurrier looks a lot more mortal at Chikin U than he did at Florida, possibly because he doesnt have the same talent to work with. He didnt get stupider in the NFL, he just came back to a middling (at best) program with mediocre talent. Likewise, Gailey wasnt a bad coach, he just came to a place where the mediocre facilities, mediocre fan support, and mediocre performance the last 40 years made attracting significant talent almost impossible.

Paul Johnson is going to be to Tech what Bill Callahan was to Nebraska: a train wreck that lasts several years. I, for one, can hardly wait.

Anonymous said...

PWD - Another poing look at their NFL records. (These stats come from wikipedia).

Gailey had 2 seasons as the cowboy head coach and led the cowboys to consecutive playoff appearances

Season W L T Finish Playoff results
1998 10 6 0 1st NFC East Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Cardinals)
1999 8 8 0 2nd NFC East Lost Wild Card Playoffs (Vikings)
Totals 18 14 0 (including playoffs)

While SOS went

Team Year Regular Season Post Season
Won Lost Ties Win % Finish
WAS 2002 7 9 0 .438 3rd in NFC East
WAS 2003 5 11 0 .313 3rd in NFC East
Total 12 20 0 .375
Overall Total 12 20 0 .375 NFL Championships (0)

How disillusional are gamecock fans?

wiki reference
Gailey -


Anonymous said...

point not poing. I need to spell check

Anonymous said...

all school said:
"Paul Johnson is going to be to Tech what Bill Callahan was to Nebraska: a train wreck that lasts several years. I, for one, can hardly wait."

Outstanding! - from your mouth to God's ears my friend.

Anonymous said...

Since leaving Florida, the Ol' Ball Sack has a LOSING record as a head coach! 33-36. He's a genius when he has overwhelming talent OR he's coaching in the ACC. Other than that.... not so much!

Anonymous said...

I think impugning the recruiting class of Paul Johnson, who changed the system, and came in late isn't very probative, but yes, SC and GT are both very sad programs right now. I can't wait to beat the hell out of both of 'em next year.

Anonymous said...

I used to think SOS was brilliant, but I am not so sure now. He came to Florida and introduced the Fun n' Gun and tore up the SEC. The other coaches in the conference were hesitant to change, which only added to the duration of his dominance. When the SEC teams did finally catch up, he no longer dominated. He stayed competitive, but didn't run rough shod over the conference. I still believe he is a real good coach, but great - i have my doubt.

The thing that makes me wonder about him being "the greatest offensive mind" is I really haven't ever seen him respond to the SEC's responses. He still wants to do what he did while he was at Duke. He won at Duke - he should be able to win at SC if he is the "the greatest offensive mind in college football".

Anonymous said...

Kind of off topic, but related to SC and recruiting. Every time I mention AJ Green I have an SC fan telling me there's no way he'll qualify, he'll never get in school, some rumor about how Summerville only let him play football b/c he played basketball, and now that he's not playing basketball they're going to flunk him.

I believe it is all sour grapes, but has anyone seen anything definitive that he's gotten his test score to get in or anything?

Joel said...

AJ has a qualifying ACT score.
I guess he would still have to pass some high school courses this semester to graduate

Anonymous said...

the 2009 BCS Championship odds are out

Top 10 odds:
USC 3/1
Georgia 6/1
Florida 6/1
Ohio State 6/1
Oklahoma 8/1
LSU 10/1
Texas 12/1
West Virginia 12/1
Virginia Tech 15/1
Missouri 20/1

Auburn 25/1

Tennessee 30/1

Alabama 50/1

The Chickens 50/1

Kentucky 80/1

GT 100/1

Anonymous said...

Just to compare, Finebaum's recent article on Richt.


JasonC said...

Take a minute to read the article that Hank linked to, good stuff.
I wanted to add a quote here for all those who raise questions every time there is a coaching vacancy at a big school:

Richt said, "I don't want to go to a school knowing that it will be a stepping stone. If we do move, we move only once. I don't want to take a job knowing that I'm going to take another job. I want to move one time and one time only. If I do become a head coach, I don't want to start recruiting kids and tell them I'm going to be there for them, knowing I'm going to be somewhere else (by the time they graduate)."

Anonymous said...

Joel, you said that "Gtu arguably has a stronger football history than Scu." That is actually not arguable. North Carolina St. and Southern Miss have better football histories than Scu. Pathetically mediocre would be an understatement when referring to Scu's football history.

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