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March 17, 2008

How rare is an SEC Tournament Championship?

By now everyone knows that this is the first SEC Tournament title for UGA in 25 years, and it's only our second SEC Tournament championship ever. Here's another fun fact....

Dennis Felton is only the third active SEC Coach with a Tournament Title.
  • Billy Donovan (3) - 2007, 2006 and 2005
  • Rick Stansbury (1) - 2002
  • Dennis Felton (1) - 2008
Tubby Smith and Rick Pitino each left the Wildcats with five titles, and Wimp Sanderson had about five at Alabama. Otherwise, it doesn't look like any SEC Coach had more than two until you go back to Adolph Rupp. (Note: The SEC Tourney wasn't played from 1953-1978).

(Note: I'm not sure of the source on the image above, but I think it's

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Josh D. Weiss said...

Photos from the team's return to Athens on my blog as well,

Raleigh Urbain said...

Here is an update on the game time for Thursday.

dancur47 said...


Dennis Felton=1

Bruce Pearl=0


Paul Westerdawg said...


I finally posted a link to your site. Sorry for the delay.

so you're saying there's a chance? said...

I'm glad we won the championship, but.....


I was almost in tears because I've been preaching to my friends that AJ has the most potential out of everyone. It was like seeing your son walk for the first time. I was in tears, haha. Hope this is a sign of things to come.

Ludakit said...

It's amazing how many things had to happen throughout this entire tourney for us to even have a remote chance of winning just a COUPLE of games.

Don't get me wrong, I agree with PWD when he said the team never really gave up on Felton. Their effort was undeniable all year with only a few exceptions.

However, Albert Jackson proved to have softer hands and became a solid rebounder. Dave Bliss showed some range Sundiata...well, finally got the hardware we all knew he deserved. Woodbury lit the net on fire. And as a whole, we showed signs of an offense at times.

I'm proud of this team and what they've accomplished. Whether it was guys getting tired of being called losers, a coach finally getting his kids to buy into what he was selling, or the stars and tornadoes aligning to create a perfectly imperfect scenario, our kids did us proud.

Go Dawgs.

Auburn Elvis said...

That was quite a run. It's a shame so few got to see the games in person due to the tornado. But hey, it kinda adds to the mystique.

In many ways, this will go down as one of the best, and worst SEC Tournaments ever.

Anonymous said...

UGA is having an official sendoff for the team at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, per Make an article about it, PWD.

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