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March 15, 2008

My Advice for Tomorrow

Just show up. I mean what the hell. Just go down there and walk in. What the hell do you have to lose? If they turn you away, there are umpteen jillion sports bars in the area. Get there an hour early and just go the hell on in.



gadawginky said...

There is talk up here (Louisville) that if Georgia pulls out a win tomorrow, Kentucky will be the odd man out and not get an NCAA bid. Poetic justice for a Dawg living up here in the Bluegrass State!

so you're saying there's a chance? said...

What is the story about getting in tomorrow? I know they have been keeping the crowd to band, cheerleaders, and family/friends of players/coach (which I think hasn't been regulated very well), but..........

Why can't they just let people buy another ticket. IT'S THE FREAKING CHAMPIONSHIP!

I'm planning on showing up and using my spy skills to sneak in. Maybe I'll be Swansey's third cousin removed... How tough could security really be?

I'm so hyped up right now. Good luck going to bed.

blackertai said...

My sister snuck into the Georgia Tech football stadium during the Tech/UGA game, so I'm pretty sure it's easy to get past these security-lax engineers.

Good luck everyone who tries to go! I wish I could get there to support the dawgs!

skidawg1985 said...

I cannot believe UGA won both games. 1) from a fatigue standpoint and 2) this team just is not very good.

I hope they have something left in the tank physically and mentally tomorrow.

Imagine winning the SEC after finishing last in the division and barely being over .500 at the end of the season.

No team that loses to UGA should be allowed in the NCAA tournament.

Maybe Felton saved his job.

Watson said...

"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

And it ain't over until yatta fouls out again.

Is it just me but without yatta in the game, some of the players don't have the deer in headlights look when the game is in the clutch (typically it would be: "Ooh, let's dribble around the perimeter for 20 seconds, pass it to the elbow once, and ooh let's pass it to Yatta with no time on the shot clock. He'll make it!!!)"

The only point i'm trying to make is that Billy, woodbury, and swansey all seem more poised without yatta out there. They are all good enough to know what to do and obviously can make some shots.

With that said, I hope everyone here will first call every single one of your Dawg friends and then pile in a car and make the 45 minute drive from all of your ATL suburb homes to the AMC. Like Paul said, it can't be that hard to sneak in. If those white girl from UK with C-A-T-S spelled out can get in as "family members" then i think we can too.

No more job talk about felton, he has saved it. If anyone questions this, it's dumb.


Anonymous said...

We were 3 games under .500 at the end of the season. Tonight's game put us at 16-16, so we were 13-16 at the end of the season.

hoodawg said...

If we win tomorrow, we'll have won as many games in the tournament as we won in conference during the season. Are we sure that tornado didn't send us all to Oz?


Anonymous said...

wow. coule this really happen?

Anonymous said...

In 1976 when Alabama came to Athens to play the Dawgs in football. I didn't have a ticket. I put on my old Boy Scout uniform over some blue jeans and a t-shirt. I walked right up to the main gate under the bridge, told the dude I was late joining my 'Troop' and walzted right in. Well, the uni may be a little tight today, but what the hell.

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