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April 12, 2008

Advice to Dawg Fans Uploading Video to Youtube

There are a variety of secondary sites that are downloading video from YouTube and re-uploading it onto their web sites. They are attempting to create aggregation / portal web sites about a variety of niche topics.

In the process, they slap their own logo on the work, sometimes add advertising and you get no credit for it. This isn't a big deal if you're just uploading highlights from CNN or CBS. But if you're going to the trouble to put music and transitions to the work, it's annoying to not get some credit.

Therefore, my advice for uploading video that you put some time into editing:
    Add a logo or title slide to the beginning and end of your video before uploading it. UgaMummRa has started doing this for the Example here. This way, if someone else re-distributes your video, you'll still likely get credit for your work and draw attention to your site. Put those sites to work for you with a credits slide.


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