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April 20, 2008

Another Conference Crown

This is the Georgia Sports Blog, so I don't want to ignore some deserving teams that have done Georgia proud. Georgia's always had strong golf and tennis programs and this year is no exception, although you might not know it after this weekend. The SEC golf and tennis championships took place over the weekend, with mixed results for the Dawgs. The women's tennis team upset Florida 4-3 to win the conference crown. This is the second straight conference title for the team. The girls were simply returning the favor for their male counterparts. The men's team was the top seed, but got upset by the Gators Saturday in the men's tournament.

On the links, both teams finished third. The tournament was a disappointment to the men's team who went into the weekend ranked No. 1 nationally. Alabama, ranked No. 2, won the championship. Russell Henley recorded a hole-in-one Saturday, but it wasn't enough to get the Dawgs past the Tide.

Both men's programs have shots at the national title. The golf team was ranked No. 1 most of the year and has three excellent golfers to build a tournament score around. The tennis team started the week at No. 3, but lost their regular season finale against Tennessee and lost in the SEC tournament. Also, Luis Flores injured himself again this weekend, possibly ending his season. The tennis team needs to regroup before the NCAAs if they are going to challenge teams like Virginia or Ohio State for the NCAA crown.



Anonymous said...

How bout the Equestrian team taking the national title?

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