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April 3, 2008

Central Michigan vs. UGA: Kickoff Time?

Trying to guess kickoff times this early in the season is a mix of science, research and guesswork. The earlier in the season a game is, the less guess work and more science. Our old buddies TeddyBulldog and JimFromDuluth gave us a heads up that the Tennessee Vols at UCLA Bruins football game has been moved from Sept. 6th to Labor Day.

The UCLA/UT game is covered under the Pac-10's contract so normally it wouldn't impact UGA much. However, it might put us one more step closer to confirming that UGA will play Central Michigan on Sept. 6th at 12:30 pm on LF Sports. (It's a long convoluted reason involving ESPN/ABC and their Pac-10 deal).

It's not official yet. If I'm wrong, I'm only off by 30 minutes and it's a non-televised thing. Keep in mind that there are no CBS games in Weeks 1-2 because of tennis coverage. ESPN is also getting two SEC games that week because of a Thursday night contest involving SC/Vandy. So the world wide leader will likely only take one game on Sept. 6th.

Other SEC games that week:
  • Tulane at Alabama - less attractive than UGA game
  • UL-Monroe at Arkansas
  • Southern Miss at Auburn - less attractive match-up
  • Miami at Florida - Likely
  • Central Michigan at UGA - Top 3 Georgia vs. the MAC champ
  • Norfolk State at Kentucky - UK is playing railroad workers?
  • Troy at LSU - less attractive than UGA game
  • SE-Louisiana at Mississippi State
  • Ole Miss at Wake Forest - ACC TV Package so no impact on us
  • South Carolina at Vandy - Thursday Night on ESPN
  • Tennessee - Idle
Oh well...there's always the breakfast tailgate.



Anonymous said...

in other news, james johnson left techs football team. i would honestly be surprised if the nerds win more than 2 games next year.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Mike Adams, or whoever makes the decisions to put an untelevised late Summer game at 12:30, sweat it out in the stands for one day.

JasonC said...

I think the Auburn and LSU tilts have more of a regional draw, but we would have more appeal outside the south. I don't know how big C.Mich is, but there are a lot of people in Michigan... when they aren't commuting to Florida on I-75.

ruteger said...

Don't know if you heard this yet or not, but in an interview with Verne Lundquist on 680 after the SEC Basketball Tournament, he stated that UGA/USC would be the CBS home opener this year instead of the normal UT/UF match up. So we're looking at a 3:30 kick on 9/13 in Columbia.

Anonymous said...

I think LSU and AU games all have more draw than Central Michigan. Uga will likely be in the top 5, but it's only interesting if they're playing another good team. #1 USC beating somebody by 65 is not interesting or attractive, nor will #4 Georgia beating Central wherever by 40.

As usual, SEC opening weekend blows other than Bama-Clemson and TN-UCLA

Anonymous said...

Any chance Sports South picks up UGA vs Southern in week 1 like 4 years ago?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know or have a guess as to whether or not the central michigan game will be televised in michigan? I know this seems kinda weird/dumb, but I thought LF Sports was a southern thing. Am I wrong?

Paul Westerdawg said...

If I were guessing, I'd say ESPN GamePlan. But I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

LF Sports is no longer...they were bought by Raycom Sports in early December and televised SEC Basketball games throughout January, February and March and televised the SEC Tournament. Same TV package, just another regional syndicator...

Carrie and Jason said...

CMU won't disappoint you folks. They are a very good team and UGA better watch it.....remember what happened with UofM and Appalachian State. The bulldogs won't cream CMU like you think they will.

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