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April 6, 2008's Old School Pic of the Week

That's Andre Hastings circa early '90s. Anyone want to play "CSI: Bulldog" and tell me what year it is? Click on the photo to enlarge. The clues:
    -- Hastings played from '90-92
    -- The cheerleader in the back's outfit
    -- Silver (not flat gray) britches
    -- White face mask (so it's not the '91 Independence Bowl)
    -- A yellow looking mascot with what appears to be a mustache
Any guesses? First one to guess correctly gets an autographed copy of my bar tab.

The photo is from's collection of old school photos. I start my day with their site as it's the best UGA link aggregation site around.



SlawDawg said...

East Carolina 1990

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 1990 ECU alright, per Pee Dee the Pirate.

Andy said...

Speaking of spotting the differences, what's up with those red endzones yesterday? Not that it matters, but that was a first. . .

Anonymous said...

1990 is correct but it's the vandy game. The bigger picture is easier to notice the "Dore"

Paul Westerdawg said...

If it's '90 Vandy, then where we really need a photo of Joe Dupree coming in to save the day.

What a weird season.

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