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April 19, 2008

Georgia Basketball headed to Preseason NIT got confirmation of it, so I'll add color to the story via additional research and rumors. The Dawgs will open the 2008-2009 season at Purdue in the Preseason NIT Tournament this year. It's Georgia's first trip to this prestigious tournament since 1998. Our other appearances came in 1998, 1993 and 1988.

Based on the tireless research of MemphisDog (MemphisDog is to basketball scheduling as JimFromDuluth is to kickoff times), we believe the following other teams will be involved in the 16 team field:
    1st round hosts:
    Boston College

    Other Rumored Teams of Note:
    Davidson (opens at Oklahoma)
    St. John's
    Santa Clara
    New Mexico State
    Cornell (not a team of note, but we think they are in)
    James Madison (not a team of note, but we think they are in)
    5 more unknown teams
The tournament typically invites only one team per conference. Each regional host (a "name brand" team) usually gets paired with one quality mid-major or Tier 2 power conference school and two low major squads.

I would expect Conference USA, the Atlantic-10 and/or the Missouri Valley Conference to fill at least two of the five remaining slots with teams not named Memphis or Xavier.

The way the bracket works, we would likely have to beat a low major team at Purdue and then the Boilermakers to advance to Madison Square Garden. In NYC, we would get two more guaranteed games likely against the other host teams listed above. But there's more. Per
The remaining 12 teams [not advancing to NYC] will play third- and fourth-round NIT Season Tip-Off games during Thanksgiving week. The games will be played on three home campus sites that will be determined by a seeding process. Participating teams will not play any team twice and third- and fourth-rounds will be assigned to the most geographically compatible site as possible. (Emphasis added)

According to Felton, if Georgia (17-17 last year) does not advance to New York, the Bulldogs would get to host its final two [rounds] Thanksgiving Week.
If the rumored list of teams above holds up, there's an excellent chance that Georgia could host Stephen Curry and the Davidson Wildcats in Athens. For my money, Curry is the most entertaining scorer since LSU's Chris Jackson. We'll provide more info as the teams and bracket become available.

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blackertai said...

Let's just hope we can keep this train rolling. I'd hate to see us fall back, yet again. Build on the good will you earned at the end of the season, Felton.

Anonymous said...

Felton should bust the red coat out every year for GA Tech and Florida, like Pearl does for Vandy and UK.

Anonymous said...

i've only said this since 4 times since 89 (alec kessler, elmore spencer and litteral green, then jumaine jones, then tubby, followed by jarvis and jonas hayes), but i'm actually looking forward to basketball season!

blackertai said...

I know, right? It's a weird feeling. I had been looking forwards to this past season prior to its start, but by December I was getting more and more disappointed with our play. I really don't want to get my hopes up again for no reason. This year's home game versus Florida almost killed my ability to watch us play basketball.

upstatescdawg said...

Hopefully a bikini zone shaving promise isn't next in line.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Upstate - I'm hearing you bro. If the "Manscape Challenge" is his next bet, there will be no links to the photos.

It's creepy enough that someone saved his facial hair in the ziplock baggy.

Grrr. Oss.

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