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April 3, 2008

Got a UGA, SEC, GT or ASU blog?

Feel free to shoot me a note and let me know about it. If you've got a great take on the Dawgs, a season preview about your team (ideally one on UGA's schedule) or just something funny / relevant, let me know.

My email is: decaturdawg at hotmail dot com

I don't post everything I get, and I don't add all the blogs that get sent to my blog roll. Generally speaking, I link to sites that are:
  • Relevant to our readers
  • Regularly updated
  • Been around for a few months
  • Funny or insightful (lack of overall suckage)
That doesn't mean every blog on my list right now is rocking and rolling. I haven't audited the full list in a while, but those are the general guidelines.

Feel free to keep me up to speed on the great articles in the Dawgosphere. That's best done via email. Pimping your articles in the comments section won't get the exposure you probably want.

If I don't link right away, remind me. This isn't my day job. I forget a lot of stuff at work. I definitely forget stuff here.



Texas_Dawg said...

Thanks for the tip on the AZST tickets. I got 4 in 229. (230 had already sold out by Noon yesterday.)

Fwiw, the LSU/AZST game in 2005 only had 63,210 fans (capacity of ~75,000)... but that was largely due to the last minute move of the game from Baton Rouge to Tempe due to Katrina. Hopefully this one will be sold out.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Unrelated -- But check out EDSBS for a quote from Tommy Bowden

handawg said...

hot new UGA fan blog

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