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April 24, 2008

Hoops: SEC Championship Highlights Video

Jackson Spalding (PR firm) produced an SEC Highlights for the UGA Tip Off Club that was shown during this week's Post-Season Awards Banquet. Chip Towers and Roger Clarkson have recaps from the banquet.

The video is exceptionally well done as Chip pointed out in his article. Enjoy (ht - Bryan Harris of Jackson Spalding):

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Ludakit said...

THAT'S what I'm talking about. That video's got me fired up about next year, but at the same time absolutely depressed over the departure of Bliss and Gaines. Man those are some DGDs.

Thanks for sharing.

Matt B. said...

Go to to save this and other youtube videos.

Andy said...

Ludakit, my thoughts exactly. I'd copy and paste your post, but that'd just be downright Haven Nutt of me.

Zach said...

The video was filmed, edited, and produced by a University of Georgia grad. We should be especially proud of the team and our university.

DAve said...

Big ups to Mr. Hart-dog.

Michael said...

Killer video, who would have thought the Hoop Dawgs could have pulled off this going into the SEC Tourney except 'Yatta. Great job Alicia!!!

Anonymous said...

That 4-day run will go down as perhaps the most inspirational sporting achievement ever at UGA. And if you aren't beginning to feel good about Georgia Hoops, you don't have a pulse. Awesome.

carolina_dawg2 said...

that was one of the craziest weekends of my life!! what a great memory!!

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