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April 7, 2008

Keeping up with the Enemy (Spring Updates)

Here's a quick update on how our upcoming 2008 opponents are approaching Spring Practice.Obviously, we're not playing Michigan, but I thought this article on the Spread Offense was interesting. It's an interview with Gary Danielson discussing the spread
If you see other articles of interest, feel free to link them in the comments section.



Anonymous said...

How do you possibly expect me to kickstart my Monday morning workday with all of this internets stuff to read? Nice, PW, real nice.

S.A.W.B. said...

How soon can I get a piece of the Under for total Yech wins this year? Will Vegas take action on a Zero O/U for Yech?

Anonymous said...

Rich Brooks is not the coach at KY anymore. Joker Phillips has taken over.

Anonymous said...

Watching the A-day clip, one thing I'm wondering about with Auburn: is Tubby going to let his quarterbacks get hit in practice?

I don't see how he can square keeping his defense tough (which he promised would be the case) with having a ball carrier off limits to being hit and tackled.

Sports Fan said...

Crompton's decision making has really worried me as of late, but it's been said that two of his INTs were cause of the receiver slipping from his route. Also, we picked up a Top 100 player in Je'Ron Stokes.

Anonymous said...

Issue with second GA Southern link?

Sports Fan said...

Here's the Stokes link:

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