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April 24, 2008

Poll Results: Best SEC Coach Other than Richt

I used to be 'this much' better than the other coaches

The People Have Spoken. Last week, we opened a reader poll asking "Who is the Best SEC Coach (Other than Mark Richt)?" I left Richt out to tone down the natural bias of our readers and get at a more interesting question to me. The results are in with 444 response. Your answers*:
    1. Tommy Tuberville - 27%
    2. Urban Meyer - 23%
    3. Steve Spurrier - 20%
    4. Nice Nick Saban - 15%
    5. Les Miles - 12%
    6. Phil Fulmer - 1%
It would be interesting to do this survey every year and see how things trend up and down. I'd wager that circa April 2005 Spurrier would've been a landslide #1 on the list. Will the Head Ball Coach slip in the eyes of our fan base again next year?

As for Fulmer, I expected him to come in a bit higher given that he has taken three of the past four from Georgia. Is his 6th place standing reflective of losing Cutcliffe? With Cutcliffe at the helm, Fulmer is 9-0 against Georgia. Without Cutcliffe, Fulmer is 2-5 against the Dawgs.

I personally voted for Tuberville. My vote was assuming that he wasn't playing a game before noon central time. Rimshot. Actually, I voted for Tuberville because his teams have historically been the most physical, well conditioned and determined that we have faced. In 2006, I think we beat them because they were overconfident, and Brandon Cox just flat out killed them. In 2007, we were simply better. Sure, he lays an egg once a year against a team he should beat, but it usually isn't us.

As for Meyer, let's see what he does with his own players.

Did the results turn out like you expected?


*Stats don't add to 100% due to rounding.


Anonymous said...

I voted Les Miles, due to his apparent colder-than-ice blood. Evidence of this is all those 4th downs against FL.

Bryan said...

For me, I'd have Fulmer last for sure. As noted, he has beaten UGA without Cutcliffe on his staff a whopping twice. His offenses looked horrible in that span without him. What if Chavis left? Good lord, the man would be a disaster. His OL's are generally good.... that's about it.

Dante said...

I just can't see voting for Tuberville. This is a guy who was on the brink of being fired, had to give up quite a few offensive duties, and then all of a sudden their team is fantastic with mostly the same personnel. A coach whose ego seriously got in the way of his team's success just can't be the best in my book.

Anonymous said...

"I voted Les Miles, due to his apparent colder-than-ice blood. Evidence of this is all those 4th downs against FL."

Wow, you really have NO CLUE about the sport of Football.

Les Miles made some of the worst coaching decisions in the history of organized football last season. He just got lucky that God put a grand on LSU in Vegas before the season started.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but word is we just signed Aaron Murray out of Tampa for the 2009 class.

Anonymous said...

received a commitment, I should say.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe 5 people voted for Fulmer. I wouldn't pick a "great coach" solely on performances against one team, because matchups and schedules get in the way. Over time, with or without Cutcliffe, Fulmer has underachieved.

dean said...

As much as I hated it I voted for Spurrier. The games he's been able to win at USC with the (lack of) talent he's had speaks volumes for his coaching ability. His name just doesn't carry the weight it used to so he doesn't have the recruits knocking down his door like he did in his hay-day at UF. If (and this is a big if) he can ever get the kind of talent he had at UF in Columbia we'll all be in trouble.

VooDawgChile said...

Thanks for the poll. I would really like to see a little different variation on this poll whenever you have the time. Please try it form an hypothetical point of view, where Richt is not available but you need a coach for the longterm and you have to choose one of the other 11 coaches in the SEC. Remove all rivalry biases (if possible). I wouuld really like to see where they would rank. Personally I would think either Saban, Tubberville or Meyer would win in that poll, while Spurrier would fall (mainly due to his age).

Anonymous said...

I was surprised that Tuberville was #1 considering Uga's recent domination of AU and Fulmer was last considering the beatdowns in 04, 06, and 07.

JMO, but Richt is a younger Fulmer. He's going to have lots of 10-2 records, Richt should get a NC at some point, but will leave the fanbase a little unsatisfied overall as you get so used to going 9-3/10-2 you take it for granted.

Neither fanbase will admit it, but Richt and Fulmer have lots of parallels, all the way down to being an agressive, innovative OC that became really conservative as a HC.

Clayton said...

Fulmer has not won the SEC since 1998. Spurrier gets a pass because of the whole NFL thing, but his recent record in Columbia is pitiful.

dawg fan said...

Fulmer and CMR are similar??? In what bizarro world are you living?

I'm still laughing so hard, I just peed my pants.

And PWD, what's with the "Nice Saban"? Sorry, but there's just nothing nice about that piece of shit.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Nice Saban = typo

anonymous said...

I'm with Dante. Never have gotten the Tuberville hype, particularly after watching the Dawgs annihilate Auburn teams that should've been pretty decent the last couple years.

Not sold on Spurrier or Saban, either, at least until they do something with their current teams. I guess that pretty much makes me an Urban Meyer guy by default.

Hobnail_Boot said...

I voted for Saban.

He took a mediocre Toledo program to a 9-2 season (both losses by a combined 5 points). He then took over at Michigan State and despite Perles' recruiting violations he led Sparty back to respectability. Then he went to LSU and we all know what he did there. He's currently digging Alabama out of the huge hole Shula left and does anyone doubt he'll have Bama in the SECCG any later than '09?

Richt and Saban are 1 and 1a, the rest are all fighting for 3rd.

ernest said...

You are right on the money Hobnail

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