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April 5, 2008

Final Spring Ball Previews

ESPN's First Take recently discussed spring practice with UGA grad and ESPN columnist Mark Schlabach. It's a good primer for those who have missed or avoided spring coverage.

Schlabach says Willie Martinez is headed to Ohio State this summer for the usual note swapping between coaches during the off season. Before you write off the Florida and LSU games as a result of this revelation, Schlabach notes that Florida and LSU visited Columbus the summer before their recent national championships. The host remarks that at least Ohio State is helping someone win the national championship.

The weather forecast looks like it's going to be sloppy out there today, further diminishing your hopes of seeing an entertaining preview of 2008. Also of note, Tavarres King will not play due to a minor knee problem. He joins a bunch of other ailing starters that will sit out today.



Clay said...

It's not the slop that has me worried, its the severe storms and lightning that could outright cancel the game. Whats plan B ?

mitch said...

The game is on. And the weather is getting better in athens.

Andy said...

I dearly like Schlabach. Did anyone else read that article he did on Munson last summer? It nearly had me in tears.

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