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June 3, 2008

Kudzu Hill Fans = Damn Good Dawgs


The announcers on CSS mentioned several times that the speaker system on Kudzu Hill piping in batters' anthems, etc was chapping Tech's ass (my paraphrase). I'm proud of the Dawg Nation for supporting the guys and turning Sunday and Monday into a doube-dose of noogie-giving, wedgie-serving, ass-kicking Tech beatdown.

Do you think Tech fans ever feel like they've become college athletics' answer to the Washington Generals?


Paul Westerdawg said...

Tech pulled a similar stunt with the piped in noise at their place a few years ago from one of the Frat Houses.

Don't they know that they will never win a war of obnoxiousness against us? It's our true medium.

BTW -- That guy with the BullHorn was a frigging loon. Total comedy.

Tell the Hulkster, thanks for the heads up on the pic. Classic.

Bop said...

We really have perfected the art of obnoxiousness. Just ask Joey "Albert" Belle about Kudzu Hill.

Loved the BullHorn with the tech strength coach.

I hate Tech.

Clayton said...

I really liked the Joe Hamilton for Heisman sign on Kudzu Hill. BTW have they changed the alcohol policy there?

Watson said...

re: clayton

if you're referring to the hill immediately behind the outfield fence im not sure if you can't drink out there or not. I would say why not, it's not technically in the park.

Seems like the games I watched on Saturday and Sunday I saw at least a handful of ppl that were beyond the fence in right center tossing back a few cold ones.

The green/ brick houses are private prop. but you probably already knew that.

Groo said...

The alcohol policy is unchanged - Kudzu Hill admission is sold like any other ticket. It is fenced in about halfway up the hill (where the signs were).

Where the drinking, stereo, general good time took place was at the houses on private property on the other side of the fence. They have their own alcohol policy. :-)

What really got under Tech's skin was that their baseball staff was asked to tell the frat to tone it down for games in Atlanta, and they felt that we should have done the same. But that frat was on campus; these houses are not.

Anonymous said...

Way back in the day (early 80's) Florida had a right fielder...I think his last name was Shimshack, or something phonetically close. Of course, Shimshack sounds alot like Shi*shack.

By the end of a doubleheader, he was literally trying to climb the fence to get to us out in the Kudzu. I think there were six of us and a pony keg. Good times.

Ludakit said...

I enjoyed one game about 7 years back where I sat on Kudzu Hill and was "that guy" because I filled an entire liter bottle of Coke with my entire flask of Crown. It was awful.

That being said, we were still sitting on Kudzu Hill when that happened, so I'm not sure if the new arrangement allows alcohol or not.

And I've always wondered if that Green House is passed down through generations like something out of Old School. Whoever has lived there has been fantastic for the Dawgs for the last 10 years or so.

Anonymous said...

I (along with four buddies) lived in the brick house from 94-96 or so. Those were some of the best years of my life. The team stunk, but we still parked an old couch out there and set up a grill and keg for the big weekend games.

Shoot, it wasn't like I was going to study or anything...

Watson said...

I thought one of the funnier moments (there were a lot) of the game was during the time right after Weaver got hit on his arm. The guys in the trees in left center with the bull horn must have accidentally pressed the "horn/buzzer" button while everyone was dead silent while Weaver was being attended to by the trainers.

Then, once the guys got the horn to shut off, they came over the speaker, while everyone was still quiet and said something like (paraphrase, I couldn't hear them perfectly), "Sorry guys, our bad". Absolute high comedy last night from everyone.

Dawg 05 said...

My favorite act from the bullhorn was when they looked up the bullpen catcher on the internet and started messing with him. "Your the #1 player from Colorado. Why are you the bullpen catcher?"

Anonymous said...

The last couple of years during the Kudzu Hill glory days were some of my favorite times of my life.

NOTHING beat skipping afternoon classes, taking bongs rips, heading up to Jimbo's for a 12 pack of High Life, and then sitting out there and listening to the brilliant Mack Williams heckle merciously.

Those were the days

Watson said...

I was sitting behind the UGA dugout (5 rows behind knowshon actually) so I really couldn't hear what the green house people were saying via bull horn. The only thing we could decipher is when we would hear someone grab the bullhorn and during a quiet moment would just say, "Nerds".

We really could only barely hear what the crazy people in the trees in left center were saying and even then we couldn't figure out half the time what they were saying.

Any other funny lines from the green house folks?

Anonymous said...
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A-Phiz said...

I was one of the ones out in the trees next to the guy with the bullhorn. Tech's center fielder kept looking back and motioning like he couldn't hear what we were saying with a big grin on his face( this with them being down by 12 runs) The cops/ncaa event staff came and told him to put the bullhorn away about 5 times but since we were not in the stadium they really couldn't do anything.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 3:10

Yeah...too soon.

Kudzu Bullhorn said...

I must say thank you to all who enjoy my bullhorn antics coming from the green/brick houses.

The information that is readily available on the internet amazes me as does the "prototype nerds" who sat in front of me during the game.

I'd also like to thank the meat head coach in the GT bullpen for giving me more verbal ammunition than could ever be needed.

Lastly, there are a few more people I would like to thank:
1) Luke for his E9 Sunday night and asking me prior to monday's game if I was still hanging out with his girlfriend
2) Natty Light
3) NERDS: for their love of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons
4) Most importantly Diamond Dawgs!

Looking forward to this weekend! GATA

Anonymous said...

Kind of reminds me of Erk Russell's beloved railroad track fans.

dean said...

Wait, wait, hold up. You mean to tell me tech has fraternities. Huh. I guess if you get enough nerds together to play D&D or Warcraft you can call it whatever you like.

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