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June 18, 2008

Travel Tips for Georgia vs. Arizona State

Yahoo Sports did an interview with the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau. The article mentions places to stay, golf and booze it up in the area. It's a good read.

As an update, you can still get tickets from Arizona State for the Georgia game. However, it requires buying a season ticket package (starting at $99.00). I've gotten quite a bit of feedback that ASU attempts to screen for UGA fans, and tells them that they aren't selling any more $99.00 season ticket packages. I seriously doubt this is true based on other info I've been sent.

The rumor is...ASU wants us to start buying the $149.00 package. When the UGA cut-off scores for road games get announced in the next few days/weeks, we'll see how ASU responds to the inbound calls. Up til now, I'd wager that UGA calls have only trickled in.

Personally, I think that it's a petty move on ASU's part to try and muscle us into more expensive seats because Stubhub has the UGA vs. Arizona State game ticket starting at roughly the same price ($84-110 is pretty common last I looked) vs. the broader season ticket from ASU. They could end up leaving money on the table as we meet our ticket demand in the after market vs. ordering packages from them.

Note: I emailed the Tempe Convention and Visitors Bureau to do a similar piece as the YahooSports article months ago. I also tried working with the Mesa Convention and Visitors Bureau. The Mesa guy was very helpful in putting together some info around casinos, hotels and restaurants. I'll post that as we get a little closer to game time.

I was actually trying to work out a deal in Mesa for bulk hotel room discounts, but that hasn't really gone anywhere. I get the impression that business is brisk enough that they don't need the discounts. Oh well.

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NCT said...

I wish I could go. If there's anyone else out there who has a thing for architecture and the history thereof, Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West isn't far from the ASU campus, at the edge of town (Scottsdale) just to the north. There's also FLW's Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix (1927) and several private residences that'd be worth a gawk.

Burton Bulldog said...

The $99 package is still available. We bought 4 of those tickets on Friday. They were very nice in accommodating us. They even went as far as to allow my good friend GPIV to reserve four, pay for two, and then informed me to call and order the other two. Which I did and we now have 4 of those $99 tickets.

We are always near the cut off for the GA/FLA tickets and we were concerned that they would bump up those prices when the cutoff was announced.

Plus I got some $14 tickets to sell to Stanford, Oregon, or UCLA fans now.

We are flying out on Thursday and staying in Scottsdale. From what I read, it has a lot of good eats and drinks within walking distances from some very reasonably priced hotels. Downtown Scottsdale seems to be a really nice place and its only 7 miles from Sun Devil Stadium.

Can't wait!! This is going to be one exciting trip!!

Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

When are the cut-offs coming out? I'm excited to hear the new home season tickets cut off! I haven't heard anything...

Andrew said...

I still don't think ASU realizes how many Dawgs will be out there...

Hunkering Hank said...

Actual serious question: I ordered the $99 season ticket package from ASU (and they were cool about it) but have gotten no tickets and heard nothing further. I'm not too surprised since the season is some months away, but was wondering if anyone knew when these ticket packages were going to be mailed out by ASU?

Paul Westerdawg said...

They'll probably mail them when UGA mails them. First week of August or so.

HiAltDawg said...

I ended up paying a $50 gift on top of the $99 package. An extra $50 to see the Dawgs out west ain't no big deal. Also, a friend told me I could give the extra tickets to the local Boys Club. Giving Arizona kids the chance to watch football because of Bulldog Generosity seems like a winner.

Hank, ASU mails their tickets in August.

BTW UGA 45 asu 17

Hunkering Hank said...

Much appreciation Hialtdawg and PWD. One less thing for me to worry about.

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