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June 5, 2008

Trev Alberts Discusses the SEC East

No one can say the Bulldogs lack love from Trev.



Anonymous said...

More and more, I am coming to believe this could be the year. I am old enough to know that regardless of how much talent you have, and how well it is coached, the multitude of things that can go wrong anyway mandate that there is no such thing as "the year", and certainly not this far ahead of the year.

But still, this could be the year.

ladyjaye82 said...

I always thought Trev was hot and the fact that he loves UGA makes it that much better. I hope he makes it back to a major network soon.

Ryno said...

I've heard the "This is the year" talk before.
Pollack and Greene's senior year
Quincy's Junior Year
Bobo's final year.

I'm tired of the hype already. Let's strap on the pads and play!

Anonymous said...

The talent is there. Will the focus be? That's my biggest concern as we find ourselves in the dog days of Summer. I'm praying ol' Lady Luck takes a shine to the Dawgs because every champion needs her from time to time.

IBDawgfan82 said...

Trev is the only network sports TV guy (besides maybe Rece on ESPN), to ever give us any love. Usually we get Herbie pumping up a Big Ten team over us, Lou Holtz talking about how much we're overrated (strange he'd say that considering his old ass was only able to beat Richt once), and Mark May picking us to lose to Central Michigan. But the only one I really hate is Mark May.

Dawg19 said...

Trev is still upset over this:

Smitty said...

Good Ol' Trev. I think Georgia replaced Nebraska for him.

A-Phiz said...

I hate Mark May more than anyone. Last year it was " They can't win any games......Florida had a bad game......Hawaii was terribly overrated"( even though he picked them to beat us) He will never give us credit for anything so now I just laugh at how stupid he looks all the time.

Clemson91 - I hit a Clemhole with a Cup said...

If we Hunker like we did Clemson 91 then we go undefeated at home.

Why am I so scared of John Parker Wilson coming into Sanford. We owned them last year, but they are coming folks.


Anonymous said...

Now, Kirk Herbstreit does hype the Big 10, but he talks about UGA ALL the time. He's a huge Mark Richt fan, and he's a HUGE Matthew Stafford fan. He was in the David Greene fan club, too.

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