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July 10, 2008

AJC's Travel Writer Weighs in on the Tempe Trip

The AJC's Clint Williams provides some helpful hints on experiencing Tempe. The article looks like a promising start in helping Dawg fans navigate the Arizona State trip. A couple of quick thoughts after reading this:
  • I'm almost positive that the Mission Palms Hotel is already booked solid, and it's been that way for months.
  • Heat and boozing. Everyone I've talked to says that the issue for Southerners regarding the heat will be that it feels different without the humidity. Therefore, you won't realize how fast you're losing liquids. The suggestion of toggling booze, water, booze, water seems like a winner.
I'm going to send the link to some ASU fans, and hopefully get some additional insight into his suggestions for restaurants and bars. I imagine that insight will appear in the comments section.

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Groo said...

Mill Ave. definitely is the closest thing they have to your typical college town strip. Like the article said, it's basically Broad Street with PF Chang's and Gordon Biersch instead of Taco Stand and the Broad Street Bar & Grill. A surprising amount of trees on that one street considering the surrounding area.

Texas_Dawg said...

ASU trip planning from UGA fans is officially in overkill mode now.

Folks, it's a quick trip to Phoenix. Not Kazakhstan.

And Groo, I hope I see you there so we can finally meet and fight.

Anonymous said...

Or even water, water, booze; water, water, booze. But texas_dawg is right; it's not a third world country.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I'm sick of all the travel advisories telling me what I need to do and how I need to get myself from point A to point B. If you can't figure it out without some guy that has a blog to tell you... well you probably should just stay at home anyways.

It's just Arizona people. Calm down.

chance said...

For what it's worth this place was just ranked by a yahoo writer as having maybe the best pizza in the entire USofA. Take that with a grain of salt, but I'm planning on giving it a whirl.

Smitty said...

Its a one time trip there so everyone wants to make the most of it. I can't wait.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Texas Dawg,

They don't let you drink liquor at their tailgates.

They don't let you tailgate until 3.5 hours before the game.

And frankly, they don't tailgate.

I would argue that we ARE in fact visiting a third world country, and they are in fact savages.

But you make a fair point otherwise.


Paul Westerdawg said...

Just out of curiosity.

What else should I be writing about now. Ain't sh*t happening except arrests. lol.

It's not like this is running around crazy with our heads cut off saying...'OMG ARIZONA'.

Texas_Dawg said...


I know what you mean. We're all running on fumes... but almost there. And my comment wasn't so much pointed at you but just at all of Dawgnation (myself included). It's a big game... but one of many big games this year... and Phoenix?... eh.

Also, Georgia is going to win this game by 30 points. It will be USC visits Nebraska Part II. ABC prime-time, ESPN Gameday, huge hype since the off-season, etc. Game over by halftime.

Fat Hawaiians = Easy Wins.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Texas +1 for the USC vs. Nebraska line.

I'm punchy. Thus my gruff tone. You think people are punchy this week. Wait til the Cutoff Scores get announced next week.


dawgnotdog said...

Again, wtf does it take so long to announce the cutoff scores?

Ludakit said...

If you can't figure it out without some guy that has a blog to tell you... well you probably should just stay at home anyways.

I hate people that b*tch anonymously.

And Texas_Dawg, I'd be careful about wanting to fight Groo, the TV show "Renegade" was based on his life prior to the internet and his newfound love of blogging.

Ludakit said...

Oh and FWIW, rumor going around is that cutoff will be at 27,000. I don't have that confirmed, but that's what I've been reading.

dawgnotdog said...

Not doubting that at all (the 27K), but I do think that would make it just about the highest cutoff in UGA history.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Luda and Anon,

We've had cutoff scores in the 23-25k range. So a 27k cutoff for ASU would make sense.

Figure we noramlly get 8-9k for a road game and the road games are usually close enough that you can get there without a plane ticket and overnight stay.

The ASU Trip's logistics and cost probably weeded out lots of lower tier givers from applying.

Plus, we only got 7,300 tickets. And the ABH writer told me there were 12,000 requests.

So yeah....a big cutoff is what I'm expecting. It was informally given a range a few months ago to expect 25k-30k. It was a number from a guy that has been a pretty good guesser in the past.

I didn't publish that here because it wasn't confirmed inside BM. But that's what I'm expecting.

That's also why I started the season ticket awareness program.

I think that we'll know next week.


Anonymous said...

I feel certain that we can figure out how to circumvent the "no-liquor" policy, right?

I admit, it will be strange to strap on the Floppy-Flask pre-tailgate, but perhaps it will save some the embarrassment of dropping trow just before walking to the stadium in front everyone they know, and many they don't.

Those flying in on Saturday morning could even try wearing the floppy-flask on the plane, maybe keep a journal of how that works out?

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that the cutoff for HOME season tickets is over 10,600. If so, that is pretty ridiculous. Someone I know received a call from the AA apologizing to them for donating over 5K for their first time and not being able to receive tickets.

Andy said...


I think you should write about whatever you want to write about. But, I've done it before on other web-sites, and don't remember how or what I copied and pasted to do it, but this site needs a countdown like what the AJC's got. Ideally, I'd like every dawg-related RSS feed to have a countdown. As ELO once said, we're living in a modern world, and with that, maybe I should just go outside and smell the dead grass (speaking of Tempe, desert, drought, I think we see the connection here, no problem, let's just GATA).

Clemson '91- I hit a Clemhole with a cup said...

PWD I sure appreciate all the ASU chatter.

Has anyone else gone deep on the concept of a Sun Devil being a mascot. It's clear, good vs. evil. If some kid is yelling, "Go Devils!" in my face I might lose it. Dawg fans unite.

Then again, Dawg fas are meeting at a place called Bison Witches. How far is the bar from the stadium? If it's far a Hunker Bus sounds good.

#1 in the land Dawg fans, sack up.

Anonymous said...

I was in Phoenix/Tempe back in Feb. and ate twice at Gordon Biersch, highly recommend that establishment, no name brand beers though only microbrews but they are good. From Gordon's head caddy-corner across the street to the Piano Bar in a basement. The two nights I went the crowd was similar to Athens with 1.50 Coronas and 1.00 Coors Light. Also, do not forget late night, a trip to Christy's, between Tempe and Phoenix, that's not a bad joint either.

Anonymous said...

there are some lots that you could show up for more than 3 hrs ahead of time to tailgate. All the lots on campus are pass parking only so dont think its like Ole Miss and you can get there early and park with no problem. You will have to use a pay lot and cant park on any grass anywhere. However,the fact is in that heat that you wouldnt want to show up early. The stadium is surrounded by two buttes, the basketball arena and about a few thousand parking spaces. Hot asphalt, the desert sun, no trees except for a few palms on the edge of the parking lot = miserable tailgate.

Go to Mill Ave, visit the bars, the police are pretty cool, hydrate with plenty of water, and have a blast. The ASU fans wont yell "Devil bait" in your face or any such nonsense. Enjoy the game, some golf and nearby indian gaming to round out the trip.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 6:45,

I got a similar note from a fan. We'll see if it's true or not.

Nothing to complain about though. It's simple math. There are only X number of tickets. Everyone that buys and contributes gets to keep their tickets.

Therefore, if you want tickets and don't have them then someone in front of you in line either has to DIE or decide that this isn't a product worth paying for.

Almost no one is giving up on UGA this year. The ticket cutoff was going to be high this year. VERY high.


skidawg1985 said...

QUOTE: I was in Phoenix/Tempe back in Feb. and ate twice at Gordon Biersch, highly recommend that establishment, no name brand beers though only microbrews but they are good. From Gordon's head caddy-corner across the street to the Piano Bar in a basement. END QUOTE

Microbrews are often 10x better than the best "brand beer". Unless you are in college, one should never drink Miller, Bud, etc. Sorry, but I am a beer snob.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, Hope all Georgia fans make the trip out here to Arizona for the game. Just wanted to let everyone know that while watching the game yesterday with the Georgia Alumni here in Phoenix that Gordon Biersch will be the game day headquarters for all Dawgs fans. It's going to be decked out in Black and Red and the Arizona Chapter of UGA Alumni will be there. Please spread the word and remember that Gordon Biersch only holds 500 so get there early and join us in watching the early games and celebrating The University of Georgia.

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