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July 24, 2008

Sturdivant and Anderson will not be suspended

The BellyGate fiasco from this summer (aka the overblown story about Trinton Sturdivant and Bean Anderson allegedly touching the belly of a pregnant woman without authorization) has apparently been resolved as it relates to playing time. and are reporting that Sturdivant and Anderson will not be suspended for any games (Towers from the AJC is also hinting at it).

UPDATE: The AJC Story is now online.

At worst their "crime" involves incredibly poor taste, bad manners and lack of basic awareness that pregnant chicks are not to be trifled with. At best, it was a blown out of proportion mess.

This is exceptional news. Boling is currently suspended for the first two games. The idea of starting *any* games (even against lowly Georgia Southern) without three starting offensive lineman was incredibly unappealing.

Game 1 Offensive Line looks to be:
    LT - Trinton Sturdivant (So.)
    OG - Chris Davis (RSo.) or Vince Vance (Jr.)
    C - Chris Davis (RSo.) or Ben Jones (Fr.)
    OG - Justin "Bean" Anderson (RFr.)
    RT - Kiante Tripp (RSo.)


Anonymous said...

Sounded like the female, bless her heart, blew this out of proportion.

Young men make mistakes and do stupid stuff. Just like she did by getting pregnant at that age.

I could make an offensive comment about welfare here but I'll choose not to.

Unknown said...

> I could make an offensive comment

Don't. Because:
A. You don't know her situation. She might not be in that situation.

B. I'll delete it.

Adding tacky comments to a tacky situation doesn't make it more classy.

Andrew said...

Anon 10:38,

What an ignorant comment to make. Let's blame this on the girl. If I was her, I probably would have been scared too. Do you know for a fact she's not married? People never cease to amaze me.

S.A.W.B. said...

I could also make an offensive comment about anonymous commenters, and probably will in the future.

I really never have gotten the whole lure of anonymous commenting anyway. It's the internet. Nobody knows who you really are anyway, unless you're Doug or Orson who has posted his personal contact info MANY times on his site.

Man up, create a name, and use it.

The 31st Floor said...

Great news

Scoreboard said...

That is definitely a relief.

ChiliDawg said...

Looks like the Alabama lawyers finally caught up to Fulmer. He got subpeonaed today, according to

Anonymous said...


So fired up!

ps. PWD, i am still planning on getting together some custom sounds for NCAA...things got a little busy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, at worst it's battery and possibly assault (and not necessarily the criminal acts).

Likely, it's neither.

Anonymous said...

Nothing ignorant about my comment.

1. Were you there Andrew? Did you witness the event? Do you know her marital status? No, no, and no.

2. There are always two sides to every story. These were young men who acted irresponsibly, but do not have a history of doing so. That suggest that perhaps their actions were not as egregious as the female stated. Remember, the young men involved denied much of what she said and now they are vindicated.

3. Let me share some statistics with you Andrew: the overwhelming majority of young women in their early 20's who are pregnant or have a child are NOT married. This is not your parents generation. The demographics of this gen support that generalization. Furthermore, of those young, unwed mothers - the majority are minorities. I am making judgements based on hard stats, not flippant opinion.

You need to open your young eyes my young friend.

Jack Meyers
Jacksonville, FL
Gator Hater Extraordinaire

Anonymous said...

Mr. Meyers,

I am not willing to get too deep into your discussion, but I will pass along a fact I read. The girl gave her name to the AJC. Someone on another board linked her myspace page. She reports that she is married and already has a child.

Ally said...

Anon 10:38(aka Jack Meyers):

1) You're digging yourself deeper with every post, so save yourself the embarassment and stop.
2)Without knowing this young woman's (and victim I might add) personal history & situation, you immediately viewed her pregnancy at "that age" as a mistake? Most of us in modern society don't view innocent babies as mistakes, just so you know.
3) That "mistake" as you so aptly put it, was created not only by her, but by a male as well. Let's show a little equal opportunity insulting while you're at it.
4) Welfare? Do you know her personal financial situation? What does that have to do with the charges against Trinton & Bean? Surely you're not insinuating that because she's young and pregnant that she must be on public assistance? And, for argument's sake, lets just suppose she is. What does that have to do with this criminal complaint?
5) You site Trinton & Bean's lack of criminal record and absent history of getting into trouble as reason enough to assume they are innocent. Shouldn't we afford this young women that same benefit of doubt?
6) Trinton and Bean have not been vindicated. Their charges have not been dropped by the Prosecutor's office. CMR stated that he was handling the matter internally and that they would not face game suspensions, but even he did not "vindicate" them.

I highly respect CMR and his decisions involving the discipline of his players. And I completely agree with his decision here. I don't know the ends & outs of this case, but neither do you apperently. In the meantime, insulting the young woman for filing a report is neither appropriate, fair, or responsible. Furthermore Sir, your comments & assessment of the situation is less than accurate, offensisve, and very distasteful. Many thanks to PWD, Andrew, and SAWB for calling you to task.

Anonymous said...

God bless the Dawgvent...They called is again.

now if we can just blogzilla off of there.

Anonymous said...

(1) your opinion babe
(2) I did not say the child was a mistake, I said that having a child at that age is often a mistake. And it is.
(3) sorry I didn't insult the dad. Shocking that he's even around. That's rare. Even Obama agrees.
(4) again, check the stats babe. the majority of young women with children (particularly minority) are unmarried and on government financial assistance. Nothing to do with the players. Everything to do with the character of the female. Got it? Turns out she is married which is wonderful and I was wrong. Good for her. I'm the ass for assuming based on overwhelming statistics that would prove me correct 90% of the time.
(5) I did not say she was guilty of a crime. Just said that she possibly overreacted. That's different that making false accusations which is not what I said.
(6) If they are not missing playing time and are not being prosecuted for a criminal offense or misdemeanor then 99.9% of all Americans view that as vindicated. If they ACC prosecutor's office pursues a case then I will stand corrected. Until then, I stand affirmed.

Now - best to that young mother and her family. really. Best to the young men and hope they learned an important lesson. Hopefully they taught the other players a lesson in what not to do.

You're upset b/c I'm taking the side of the players and not the female. Typical female reaction. Life ain't fair babe. You probably find "offensive" and "distasteful" situations every single day.

My advice - get over it and go to work.

JM - Jax

Anonymous said...

The only area I will say the girl was irresponsible in, without knowing more facts around the situation, is being out at 2:00 am in Athens while pregnant. Not exactly the smartest thing to do while with child.

Anonymous said...

Jack Meyers wrote...

"I'm the ass for assuming..."

This is the best thing that you wrote. I wish you'd left it at that.

Using the term "babe" to refer condescendingly to a woman that you don't know is classless. So is using the phrase "typical female reaction" non-ironically.

Women weren't the only ones who were put-off by your comments. Your asshattery offended across gender lines.

Ally said...

Thank you to "i know, right" for being such a gentleman.

Anonymous said...

I'm ridin' w/ Jack Meyers on this one.

This was one of the few places on the net I could hope to not encounter PC bs.

I miss the old days when we had real men like Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin who refered to women as "babe" and "sweetheart" w/ out being admonished.

peacedog said...

I thought the thing that made Sinatra a "real man" was a pair of testicles.

Astronaut Mike Dexter said...

Yes, it is indeed a shame we live in such PC-obsessed times, when people can actually be challenged for their blatant stupidity. I miss the days when, as a white man, I could indulge in condescending stereotypes about women and African-Americans and nobody would have the guts to call me on it. What is this country coming to?

Anonymous said...

It's the communists, Doug. The Reds are everywhere, I tell ya. Where's McCarthy when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Stereotypes exist for a reason. It's called analytical thinking. When a cause and effect pattern exists, it's plausible that the pattern will continue.

This was a pregnant mother who was out at 200 am. Sounds like a bad judgement to me. If someone is offended by this reality then perhaps you should move to Siberia where no one is around to offend you.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe a few of you guys are still at this.

If someone downgrades our players and says "They are thugs because they go to UGA."

Most of you would NEVER put up with that. "They are good kids until proven otherwise." Or whatever.

But if someone says "She's probably on welfare because she's black and pregnant."

It seems a few of you think that's OK because the stats back you up?

Are you so completely lacking in class and common sense that you can't comment see that for what it is?

Damn. I mean really.

Get a clue. That's not profiling. That's being an asshole. It's not "racist." It's classless, base and tacky.

Anonymous said...

The stats do back it up. Look at welfare demographics. While you're at it, have a look at our prison inmate demographics. And after you're done with that, look at the Athens Clarke Cty crime statistics.

You need to get real chief.

Anonymous said...

She isn't a stat.

She's a person.

That's the point. I know good and well what our prisons look like. That's not the point.

Anonymous said...

No you missed the point. An accurate conclusion can be made about a pregnant woman who is out at 200am, particularly since this woman is already A MOTHER! I guess I hold pregnant mothers to a higher standard than others.

That's the point.

The other examples are used to illustrate other accurate conclusions based on, again, conclusive statistics.

Anonymous said...

All this and more on the next Maury Povich show...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Chris Rock says it best:

Unknown said...

Enough is enough.

If you want to discuss race relation and profiling in the 21st Century, find another blog to do it.

I'm locking this thread.

We now return to your SPORTS blog already in progress.

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