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August 27, 2008

Catching Up with Scott Howard

Earlier this week, I briefly touched base with Scott Howard to see how things are going in anticipation of the 2008 season. We talked about Munson, last year and the '08 season.

PWD: Have you talked to Larry Munson lately? How's he doing?
Scott Howard (SH): I've talked to Larry a few times lately. In fact, I saw him last week, and he seems to be doing very well. He's counting on doing the home games again, and he looks great.

PWD: I enjoyed your first season doing play by play for away games. What was your most memorable moment?
SH: The Georgia / Florida game was blast, and the Alabama game was a lot of fun. From a radio standpoint, we had a great product to work with because we had fun exciting games to call. The Bama get a finish like that to call was unreal.

PWD: Are there any times where you felt self-conscious about any Larry comparisons?
SH: That doesn't really pop into my head. I do things the way I know how to do it, and I don't try to be anybody else. I just call what I see, and I try to interact with Zeier as much as I can. He brings a lot more from his color position than I can add there.

PWD: What games are you most looking forward to this year?
SH: The schedule is so loaded that I'm looking forward to all of them. Arizona State stands out because of the magnitude of that one and because we haven't traveled out of the Southeast in so long. Obviously, LSU and Florida are both big. At home, Alabama and Tennessee are huge with Larry scheduled to do [play by play for] those.

PWD: When you talked to him, what's Munson most worried about?
SH: Everything! (Laughed) He's worried about the offensive line. He's worried about the schedule because it's so loaded. He's worried about being ranked #1 and having a big target on their back. Larry is Larry. He's worried about everything from injuries to which movie he's going to see this weekend.

PWD: What are your expectations for the season?
SH: I'm like everybody else. I think Georgia is going to do very well. I think we're going to challenge for the division and the conference title. If you do that, you'll challenge for the national title. I'm expecting good things because this is a very talented team.

You can catch Scott Howard doing color for home football games, play by play for road football games and all men's basketball games. You can also hear Scott each afternoon with George Mason Dixon from 2- 7 pm on WGNC 106.1 FM in Athens.



Hunker Down said...

Scott Howard is a great guy. Thanks for getting this done, I enjoyed it.


Ludakit said...

Agreed with Hunker Down. Also, thanks for putting a plug in there for basketball. A lot of people focus on Howard doing the football games, but he's pretty damn good behind the mic for basketball as well.

Dawg19 said...

I think Scott Howard does a great job and will only get better. Dawg fans will grow to recognize him as the voice of the Dawgs after Larry leaves.

Anonymous said...

It's time for the Dawg Nation to get behind Scott Howard! He is a tremendous broadcaster. I love the fact that he is not trying to be Munson and has his own style. He has done a terrific job as Munson's side-kick over the years. When given the opportunity to do the play by play, he has shined with his own memorable calls - on the football field AND the basketball court. And you can tell he LOVES the DAWGS!

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