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August 24, 2008

Countdown: 6


Anonymous said...

It's amazing, they put us at #1 and still nobody gives us any respect. All they talk about is Sturdivant and schedule. I almost think we are going to have a chip on our shoulder because nobody thinks we can win more than 8 or 9 games.

Anonymous said...


it's not that we aren't getting any respect. It's just that the establishment has already determined the outcome of an entire season without a single snap having occurred. ESPN's act has been old for months now. Who cares? Just win and everything will be validated. Let the winning begin!

Anonymous said...

maybe not respect - but uga sure is getting a lot more (national) press than i can remember in pretty long time...guess the ranking is good for something...

btw, article in nytimes about moreno today:

Anonymous said...

ESPN is a joke. According to Corso/Lou/Herbstreit UGA suspensions, injuries and schedule are too much to overcome. However:
- Terrell Pryor, a freshman with no experience, is going to help OSU to the title game.
- Florida defense is going to improve dramatically because last year's horrible crew has a year of experience and some guy excelled in the Spring game at DE.
- Florida's unproven, untested players like Demps, Rainey and Moody are going to pay big dividends and keep Tebow healthy.
- USC is going to "reload" with just 11 returning starters, including the guy who led them to a loss to high-powered Stanford.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon, Booty started the Stanford game.

Sanchez led them to the loss against Oregon State.


Did i just point out the fact that THE ALMIGHTY USC TROJANS lost to Stanford and Oregon State.

hahaha ridiculous. I'm happy with the lack of resect we get from those clowns at ESPN.

Let me also point out that Stafford has 4 losses in 2 years of starting at QB....the GPOOE has the same total in just 1 year.



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