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August 21, 2008

Countdown: 9


strick9 said...

That is one of the best photographs in UGA history.

Joe Blue said...

Ok, I know I should probably email this, but "players to watch" against GSC should include their starting center, Trey Dunmon, a GT transfer, son of Chip Dunmon. Groo covered it here: , youtube covered it here:, and his Dad defends it here: . I'll be watching GSC's starting center to see if there we offer him any -legal- in the face, between the whistles knockdowns. I say go get him Ellerbe. There are 100% legal ways to knock him around between the whistles. And while we're at it, go mock his Dad in the stands, too..."A UGA fan posted it? Well the crying little whimps. Piss on them and thier ugly ass dog." Again, that's Chip Dunmon of Lilly, GA.

Later. Love the blog.

Josh Weiss said...

7 or 8 players over the course of the offseason, or 8 all at once a week before the first game of the season?

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